Thursday, May 30, 2013

32 weeks

Woo Hoo!  32 weeks.  I can officially say, "I am 8 months pregnant."  Talk about craziness.  We were so close to ending the whole "6 months pregnant" with Bobby and Maya. I even had written out "7 months" as a positive affirmation for 28w and we were just a bit shy of getting there.  It was a bummer.  And here we are.  Done with 6.  Done with 7.  And now starting 8.  YAY!!!!

This has been such a goal of mine since the beginning.  I think it's because, with Bobby and Maya, we had talked about making it to 32 weeks as the BIG goal and possibly getting to go home from the hospital (still on bedrest, of course).  So, to see it in this pregnancy and to still be up and at it.  I'm just so grateful and overjoyed.

I see Dr. B. next week (for my 33w appointment) and then, once we hit 34w (June 13), the hospital wouldn't stop labor if my water broke.  To think we are 2 weeks out from the "no intervention for PROM" is huge to me.  With the P17, I don't really worry about my water breaking, but since I have the pPROM history, it's always considered a possibility.  After 34 weeks, we drop that from the list.   And then, it's sailing until the 36 week appointment, then the official designation of "full term" (even though it's not really full term baking for baby) at 37w, and then... the move on towards delivery!  Seven and a half weeks from now.  Cue the eek-ing!

32 weeks... 56 days to go!

This little guy is a long kiddo.  I feel him all over my belly and he's a tough kicker!  Hardcore soccer must be going on with my internal organs!  I think he's moved back to transverse, based on how he's kicking, although he's moved up and likes to push my ribs under my shoulder blades, which has made for an interesting back pain.  Still having sciatica, especially after my P17 shots (only 5 more to go, including tomorrow's!) and migraines post-P17 as well.  But, otherwise... Doing really well!  I find I'm still nauseous and that cleaning supplies magnify that (Michael must be telling me that I shouldn't be cleaning house anymore...)

It's about time for me to start cooking and freezing so I wont have to worry about dinners once I'm home from the hospital for a while.  Peter's mom offered to make some empanadas to freeze (yum!), and I figure I'd do some chicken parm, eggplant parm, that sort of thing.  Maybe lasagna and ziti.  Italian food makes and freezes so well.  I know Peter will be fine taking care of the kids for the nights I'm in the hospital.  I'm more concerned with making meals so that I wont have to cook the first week or so I'm home; I can just pop it in the oven.  So, I figure that will be something I start planning and handling the next 2-3 weeks or so.

Another thing to finish up: hospital bag.  I bought 2 very comfy, PJ pants to take with me and I'll take my 2 nursing nightgowns for my in-hospital time.  And some comfy shirts.  Maternity belt.  Maternity pads.  Toiletries.  I just want to get my list ready so that I can pack it up but also so that, in the event I cant for some reason, I can just give the list to Peter and have it brought to me.

My belly button is moving from innie to outie. :)  It's funny to watch the transition.  I've always been quite the inside belly button kind of girl and now?  I think we might go full blown Bobby-style outie by the time this kid is delivered!

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