Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pissed Off... Again

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Ugh... and so the insurance saga continues... 

In spite of covering speech for rehabilitation, blah, blah, blah, our insurance denied paying for Bobby's private weekly speech.  So, we appealed.  Well, we heard back yesterday.  Denied again. UGH!  I knew it would be appealed (I mean, let's be honest... insurance companies are all about money) and I knew we'd have to do the second appeal (which I wrote yesterday and will be mailing tomorrow), and that, most likely, we'll have to appeal to the company Peter works for (who self-funds the insurance, hence the insurance company is not required to followed the PA law that states therapeutic services for Autism must be covered).  Based on all I've heard, we have a good shot of having it covered at that point.

But...  We've stopped Bobby's therapy as we wait for this saga to play out and that kills me.  He was doing soooo well and making such strides.  And now, we wait.  And he loses that time.  And anyone who is anyone knows that the younger kids are, the better when it comes to therapy (especially therapies that work).

So, I'm pissed. I get it, I really do.  But it still just so frustrating!  I know parents who've just given up because it's too much to research, too much to fight.  And I refuse to give up until we've exhausted all measures, but still.  It just feels like it shouldn't be this hard- especially when there is so much proof to how this is working!

And I hate writing letters that say my son has a neurological disability.  I personally don't view Autism that way, although I know that it is perceived that way and that, from a scientific point of view, the current research is leading that Autism is caused by neurological damage or gene mutation or even an incorrect immunoresponse.  But I still hate it.  And I don't want Bobby to feel like there is something wrong with him.  There is nothing wrong with him... he simply struggles in a way that is different from the way others struggle.  He's still perfect and wonderful and I still love him more than life itself.

This all just makes me more pissed off!  So, here we go... The next round of appeals...

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