Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy St. Nicholas's Day

Last night, the kids made the production of getting a shoe out and, when I got up this morning, a big kid had slipped his in for jolly old St. Nick, too! We've celebrated this tradition since Bobby and Maya's first Dec 6th, and it kicks off our Advent and Christmas season. The kids get candy (&, in Michael s case, a Baby MumMum); on Solstice, we will make food ornaments for animals and hang them outside and the kids will get a gift of winter (usually hats, gloves, etc, but this year, I'm thinking sweaters). On Christmas Eve, they get a gift at my in-laws and on Christmas , a gift at home (this year, they will be giving something to each other as well). We will end the whirlwind of a month with Three Kings Day, and our annual party. (The Kings usually give the kids books....just be a librarian among them!)

From our home to yours, a happy feast of St Nicholas and may our sweet saint and oldest son watch over you and, especially, your little ones.