Monday, May 6, 2013

Can I Have a Second Weekend?

Because this last one just didn't get the job done.

Saturday was nice.  I was insanely busy with a tea time with my girlfriends and then a First Communion Party followed by family time, but it was nice.  Sunday? Yeah... not so much.  I could have done without yesterday.  Or maybe I could just have another "sunday", this one just a good one?

I've reached the stage of pregnancy where sleeping isn't as easy; I tend to be able to fall asleep in my bed most nights but have to move to the couch in the wee hours of morning (which is fine).  Saturday night, I just couldn't get comfortable and was finding it hard to fall asleep.  I finally dozed... to wake up to 4am to the sound of Bobby gagging. 

Bobby is like me; if he coughs too much, he starts throwing up.  He has really awful allergies that come out whenever the seasons change.  Since Spring and Winter keep having a showdown and we can't decide what season we are in, he's had several battles with coughing/sneezing/runny nose.  We've tried to avoid medicating him, but Children's Claritan is looking better and better...  So- back to Sunday at 4am.  He's hacking and I hear the puke sound.  So, Peter goes in and grabs Bobby, while I go and strip the sheets.

Thankfully, he's not "sick", which was my first fear; it's all phlegm.  Nasty, but at least not like sick puke.  So, we strip the bed, change him, and he's good to go.

Until 5am.  Round 2.  Repeat bed (which is now down to the mattress) and Bobby changes.  I bring Bobby to the couch with me, and he falls asleep.

Until 6am... Round 3- no joke.  Poor kid has the awakeness to get off me and throw his lovely bear out of harms way, and proceeds to cough then hurl phlegm on the carpet.  I pick him up and get hit with the nasty too as I get him to the sink.  Peter hears us and takes Bobby to get him changed so that I can change and clean up the floor.  So, Bobby is now in our bed with Peter, and they are trying to get some sleep.

Until 7am... when Round 4 hits.  Now, thankfully after this 4th time, he seems better and we think that he has tossed whatever phlegm that was there to the curb.  Amen.  Of course, the house smells like puke, so I open the windows... Good one, Mom... The kid has allergies... you've now let the outside in.  Smart move...

While Bobby seems better, Maya and I decide to plant the tray of impatients that I have.  Together, we dig and plant, and it's shaping up to be a great morning.  She tells me that she has to go to the potty, so we stop and go in... and don't make it.  Maya has been solidly trained for a while, so I'm surprised- and then I see that this is no regular poop... It's diarrhea...  You've got to be kidding me (but with obscenities) is what goes through my head.  So, clean her up, sit her on the potty, explain to the kid who is heartbroken that she had an accident that this isn't her fault and even adults struggle with "sick poop", and we get back outside.  And what happens?  You guessed it!  Within 15 minutes, we have another BAD accident... So bad it requires the shower.  Fun times...

Thankfully, that seems to have passed.  She had no more issues after 10am or so, and none today.  We opted to skip Mass, just in case we had either puking or pooping issues.  The morning was nice, and we each had some one-on-one time with the kids.  Lunch comes and then nap...  We decide that, after nap, we'll take the kids and their tricycles (which they call bikes) to the playground.  Kids get up and we are getting ready to go...  Bobby is fully ready and on my shoulder for a hug when...Puke.  Everywhere.  Him, me, the rug.  Everything from lunch mixed with phlegm.  It was the grossest thing of the day.  I get him to the bathroom (and we are talking vomit all over him and me- my shoes, my hair... this is the "glamour" of parenthood at its finest hour.)  I get us both stripped and in the shower while poor Peter tries to clean up the brand new carpet and explain to Maya that no, we cant go to the park right now.

Once I get Bobby and I showered, I try to get him dressed and he wont have it.  Every time I ask him if he wants clothes, he says "no", whimpers, and just holds onto me tighter.  Eventually, I give up and toss my towel in the oversized chair in Michael's room, sit down, and cover us in a blanket, relieving the kangaroo time of his infancy.  And, while I'm sorry he was upset and didn't feel great, I have to admit that returning to those moments, 3 1/2 years ago+, was such a heartwarming moment.  We must have kangarooed for twenty minutes or so before he finally was calm enough for me to dress him.  He had no desire to go to the playground (huge, since he loves the playground), so Maya and I went out and Peter stayed home.  They read and played in the playroom, and he slowly got back to normal.  Maya and I opted to do a "bike" ride through the neighborhood, followed by a trip to Starbucks.  Fun times...  By dinner time, everyone seemed fine.  (Except Peter and I, who were exhausted!)

I spent my "free" time doing loads of laundry (because it seemed like everything had to be done, and that was on top- of the 2 loads I had planned to do!).  That, putting it away, dinner, cleaning up... By the time I collapsed at 9pm, my hands and feet had swollen (no edema or high blood pressure, thank goodness... I was looking for that and would have called Dr B since I had the postpartum eclampsia after Alexander) and I was having Braxton Hicks contractions.  I couldn't get more than 15 or so minutes of sleep at a time because I couldn't get comfortable and the contractions were irregular but through the night.  Eventually, Peter and I both ended up on the couch around 5am... and finally fell asleep!  It was so cute... He was on one side, I was on the other, and we were holding each other's feet.  I know it sounds nutty, but that hour was such a nice hour of sleep. :)

But really... I don't think Sunday should count... It wasn't a day of rest, and I want a second shot!

(On a good note, thankfully the kids both seem back to normal today... We played outside and, although Bobby's nose ran the entire time, he wasn't hacking or coughing, and last night was good too... As soon as the normal weather comes back, I'm looking forward to him not being so bogged down by allergies!)

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