Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

After my bummer of a post about why I don't like Mother's Day, I thought I'd recap with the day I had, which was quite nice.  Peter handled breakfast (pancake and bacon for he and the kids, bacon and grapefruit for me) and I took a nice long shower. Then we headed off to Mass, which was beautiful.  One of the things I really like about the prayers on Mother's Day is that they include a prayer for all the moms who are missing children that are no longer with them. I cant help but get choked up, even now as I'm carrying one of the inside and holding two on the outside.  No matter how that number changes, I know the ones in my heart who don't celebrate here on the outside will always move me to tears.

After Mass, we visited the Respect Life bake sale outside, and the kids picked out a small cake for our 'snack'. :)  They also got me a rose, which is sitting in the kitchen window now.

Other than the sweet little cards the kids made in school, I didn't get cards this year.  That is kind of odd, but Peter was bogged down by allergies and really... why spend $5 on a piece of paper that's just going to end up tossed? (I'm going to remember this next year... I spent too much trying to get everyone taken care of...).  When we got home from church, Peter took the kids to the playground and I mowed the grass and clipped hedges.  (no joke... I am my mother's daughter! she was in her yard or my grandmother's yard all day, too...  In Peter's defense, he did offer to mow the grass but I declined.)

After lunch and while the kids napped, Peter and I caught up on 3 episodes of Psych that we had DVR'd, then we took the kids for a quick play and to Whole Foods for groceries.  And, since I didn't want to have to deal with making dessert, we picked out WF cupcakes! :)  Peter tossed steak and asparagus on the grill, and I made some herb roasted potatoes.  I also made Peter a mint juliep, his summer drink of choice (we are going to force the warm weather if it kills us!!) and a pitcher of lemon-mint (decaf) tea. We ate outside on the deck, which the kids loved (until the wind made Maya a bit too chilly.)  It was a beautiful afternoon and evening. 

As I cleaned up the kitchen, the kids and Peter finished up Kung Fu Panda, and then I crashed on the couch during bath.  But after?  Peter helped me to bed (Michael is in an interesting spot that makes it hard to walk when he decides that is where he wants to chill out) and then gave me a massage!  I fell asleep in a state of pure bliss!

So, while all of things are things that could happen on any typical day, it was, for me, a pretty ideal Mother's Day. The only thing I really wanted to do was hang with the family (check) and go to church (check).  The rest was icing on the cake. :)  I received some nice texts (thank you!) and got to talk to my mom on the phone (while Peter chatted with his mom... the joys of cell phones!).  The kids were extra snuggleicious, which is always appreciated.

On top of that, I received a special, unexpected Mother's Day gift on Friday.  A woman who is very dear to Bobby and Maya made the kids a beautiful stool and bought Michael a monkey summer onesie/short combo.  When it arrived with her sweet card, I stood at the table and just had a good cry.  Truly nice, wonderful people come in all different places and enter our lives at such special times.  Another reason to be really grateful.

So, another Mother's Day has gone by.  I hope that, regardless of where you are on the journey, that you had a peaceful, relaxing day yesterday, and that love overshadowed it all.

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