Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Big Girl!

Oh Miss Maya... How quickly the time passes...

Seems like yesterday, she was a tiny 2 pounder who was giving us dirty looks and trying to break out of the NICU.  Now, she is this beautiful (well, she was always beautiful), outspoken mini-me with so many traits of her dad laced through.  She's a firecracker, that is for sure.

We've tried to not force things, like potty training, on either kid.  We figured they'd get through it when they did.  So, I've done nada when it comes to night training.  I mean, I don't mind (other than paying for them!) using the pull ups at night.  I figured, once they minded, they'd tell us and boom.  We'd be done.

Well, for Maya, the time has come.  She's been trained for the day since she turned 3, and then we trained during nap over the winter, and now, as summer approaches, she decided she was done with pull ups altogether.  Yesterday morning, she informed me that she was going to wear her panties to bed.  So, we supported that and, last night, the panties went on and we reiterated that there was a nightlight in the bathroom, but that if she needed any help, all she needed to do was call for us.  Just in case, I put a spare pull up and PJs in the bathroom, but she assured me there would be no need for that and that she would go to the potty by herself because she knew how and she wasn't afraid of the dark.  Okay then!

To bed at 9... up at 6:45 this morning!  And to the potty!  No accident and Maya was THRILLED.  She just kept saying that she was a big girl.  I know... I'm both thrilled and a bit sad.  My little baby really has crossed over into childhood.  There's no denying it at this point...  So, I took out her pull ups (we didn't have a lot and I hadn't planned on ordering anymore, since it seemed like this day would be coming) and put them in Michael's upper closet.  I guess the time has come to accept that my little Maya is really my big girl Maya!

Maya with her favorite train buddies

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Amy L. said...

What a good girl!