Tuesday, May 7, 2013


P+1 (for my pregnancy history plus 1 week).  We are officially one week out from where I delivered Bobby and Maya!  I hit 29 weeks this week and only have 8 more P-17 shots to go (7 more after Friday's shot- woo hoo!! my butt is sore!)  We are down to (gulp) 9 weeks (and 1 day) until little Michael's scheduled delivery date and I've got to tell you... It's getting kind of crazy to be in those single digits and have the dates check off and off and off...  I think May 10th and June 10th are going to be kind of interesting as we hit the whole "2 calendar months" and "1 calendar month" marks.  The weeks keep it real in my head, but 2 months... it seems like so short (and it's only a few days away!!!)

I expected heartburn; I had it a lot with Bobby and Maya.  I wrote that up to being on my back and unable to move around when eating, because I had it the entire time.  But with Michael, I was hoping to avoid it until the third trimester... which worked!  I've only had it after eating red sauce/marinara so, that's been nice.  Because of how much I craved food, I also expected more food cravings than I've had.  I mean, I have specific cravings, but it's rarely as "I MUST HAVE THAT NOW" as it was with Bobby and Maya.  I also expected the tiredness... I mean, that's kind of a given.  And the bigger you get, the more you start to feel like "man... I'm lumbering around here like a whale..."  I'm not exception there.  I'm still glad I can run 2-3 times a week, but I'm tired.  I get that.  If I could sleep, that would be awesome!

The couch is still the best place for me to nap.  But I can be deadtired and unable to get comfortable enough to sleep.  (Insert why I'm blogging right now... I have been up since 2am and I want to sleep- desperately- but I cant fall asleep...)  I'm usually able to get a few hours of sleep after dinner and Peter handles the bedtime routine for the kids, but the wee hours of the morning tend to get me.  And when you add in poop emergencies (like we had with Bobby last night) that require an hour plus of cleaning (which reminds me... change out the laundry...), it's just a waste of several good hours of sleep.

Things I didn't expect... I didn't expect Braxton Hicks contractions to be as frequent, although I hear that is normal as the uterus expands and baby grows.  If I work too hard with housework or do a lot of bending, contractions.  When I am tired at night after a long day, contractions.  They are irregular and not painful and usually they go away within a half hour or so with laying down and water.  But still... Didn't expect those to be as prevalent or to come on after housework!  (Naïve, I know!)  This morning, I've had them off and on.  They did stop around 9:50 and then they are just coming infrequently (I just had one, again, not painful, and I was up and cleaning the kitchen.)  I think part of it is that I am just so tired and my body needs a nap.  I'm going to try again at 10:30, so that I can sneak in an hour before leaving to get Bobby and Maya from preschool.  I am just soooo tired.  Day 3 of not getting a good night's sleep thanks to the kiddos having some issue or the other or me just not being comfy enough to sleep...  I'm done with that!  Tonight, we're all sleeping!!!!!

The other thing I didn't expect... Third trimester nausea/vomiting.  Apparently, this is more common if you had nasty first trimester sickness (great...).  I feel like I've returned to the 8-12 week mark!  Nauseas for a fair amount of day (but still hungry... something is wrong when you eat as you feel like you want to hurl).  So far, I've kept it to only 3 throw-up experiences (thank goodness) and I'm crossing my fingers that we'll just keep the nausea and chuck the upchucking.  We'll see...

Overall, still going well.  I see Dr. B next Wednesday and am curious as to how my uterus looks (if it still seems to be thinning close to the bladder or not) and how my fluid levels look.  I'll pick up the prescription for my 32w Level 2 u/s and make that appointment...  But seriously- next week, we hit the 30s!  Can you believe it???  WOO HOO!!!

(Oh, and on a sweet note... I emailed Dr. Haney when I hit 27w5d.  He wrote back with the nicest email and we've been going back and forth the last week.  What a great guy and OB.  I highly recommend traveling to Chicago for a TAC if you have IC (or suspect that you do and want to consult.)  He's great on the phone and he's so caring once you are no longer under his care, via email (and phone, so I've heard).  Great guy and great doctor.)

As we end up the 28th week, I thought a montage was in order... :)  Enjoy!


Catherine W said...

Yay! I love the montage. I know I have been quiet recently (unlike me I know!) but I have been cheering you on and I love seeing your posts and photographs! It is crazy to be in those single digits, it truly is, and I am hoping so much for you and Michael that you get there. It sounds like everything is right on track!

And oh no . . . a poop emergency is not what you need when you are already tired :(

And how horrible that the nausea/sickness is back - I really find that all day nausea very draining. Sometimes you start to feel like it would be a relief just to throw up instead!

Roll on next week and the 30s! Go mama and go Michael!

Joanna said...

I had terrible nausea at the start of my pregnancy and Diclectin was the only thing that helped. It's basically a lot of vitamin B...ask your doc about it.