Saturday, May 11, 2013


It feels surreal to write the numbers of days into this pregnancy in the title bar. Am I really only a few short days from a number "3" in front? Really?  Am I really more pregnant than ever every single day that passes?  Wow...

Sarah and I met bright and early (okay, it had just stormed so it was overcast and maybe not so bright and it was 7am so not so early either) for a run on the Perkiomen Trail.  I love running the trail but I don't do it alone because I'm terrified of the real life boogymen in the world and, at this point, I promised my "big sister" E that I wouldn't run alone (she'd prefer that preggers over here didn't run anymore at all, but... fat chance of that until Dr. B tells me I cant!), so...  I was hoping for 2.5-3 miles and we logged just under the former, but I was S-L-O-W.  We walked for about half a mile, then started running.  I'm now at the point where I can only run for about 5-6 minutes (if it's flat, that translates into about half a mile) without needing to stop, not because my legs are dying but because I can't breathe!  I mentioned to Sarah that I thought it was a cardio issue but now that I think about it (and since I struggle to catch a good breath at times, depending on Michael's placement), I think my poor diaphragm is just being compressed, so I cant breathe appropriately.  Which at least makes me feel a bit better!  So, we did the run with 5 or so minutes of running broken by a minute of walking to catch my breath, rinse and repeat.  When I complained about being slow and needing to walk, Sarah's response was "Oh, and where were you at this point in Bobby and Maya's pregnancy? Oh, yeah... you weren't."  That puts it in perspective...  I am just so grateful to be able to lace up and get in a run.   I don't even care if I have to drop it to 2 miles and it takes forever.  Just to be able to do it is a blessing.

By the time we got back to our cars, I was starving and soooo glad we were having breakfast after. It was quite a nice girls morning. :)

Michael is getting so big that it is hard to find a spot where he isn't.  If I touch my belly, I'm usually touching butt or head or foot or hand or something.  Bobby loves to just walk up to me and touch me stomach and say "Michael" with a huge grin on his face.  It is the most adorable thing.  When I got home today, Maya came up to me, pulled my shirt up, and started talking to my belly.  (I guess she thinks Michael can only hear her if she is skin to skin with my belly...)  Again, adorable.  They seem to be adjusting to the idea of a baby really well.  Let's just hope they do so well to the real thing!

We've been chatting about delivery day and who will be doing what and when.  It seems nuts to actually be planning all of this.  Since it is on  Wednesday, the kids will plan to spend the day with my in-laws, so my MIL is coming over when Peter and I leave for the hospital and then she'll take them back to their home or they'll stay here or whatever.  My assumption is that, after nap, Peter will bring the kids to the hospital to visit with Michael and Mommy, then take them home for dinner, etc, where Sarah will be there to help out.  Thursday and Friday mornings, they have school, so we're still not sure what the deal will be.  Will Peter drop them off and stay local until picking them up for lunch or come to the hospital? Will we have to designate someone to pick them up?  There's lunch and nap, and then, I'm assuming more visits... My dad will be visiting on Friday, so that will be another person to help keep the kids occupied while their week is a bit off.  And then, all things going well, we'd be discharged on that Saturday, so Sarah and/or my MIL could be with the kids while Peter comes to pick Michael and I up.  It's 2 months away (60 days, gulp!) and, while that is far, it's also so close... EEK!  I know a million things could (and will) change in those 60 days, but still... to be close enough to be discussing a plan.  It's quite the new phase to be in!

I called our parish today to make the appointment with the pastor to discuss the baptism.  Wow...  We're planning the baptism... At this point, we have a little over 4 months (it will be the end of September) but they recommend getting it scheduled well in advance and, since family has to travel to come, now is as good a time as any... but still... another interesting place!

Well, I'd better get back to eating (yet another helping of) the blackberry-peace cobbler I made this morning.  So delicious...  Just because I made enough for six doesn't mean that six folks have to have some, right???

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