Friday, May 10, 2013

Four til Four

Four months until Bobby and Maya are four years old.  September 10th is creeping up on me.  How is this happening?  How did we get here....
Playing with the water tables, May 10, 2013

when we started out here?
27w5d, Sept. 10, 2009

How did my itty bitty babies...
in the NICU, Sept. 2009
grow up into these two gorgeous creatures that I have the gift of being able to call my own?
double trouble, Jan 2013

(And, on a similar note, how is it that we are only 2 months out from Michael's delivery date of July 10th??!!??   61 days to go!!)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hard to believe it's going to be 4 years. In the blink of an eye....

Ms. J said...

I am struck by how, in particular, I can see in Maya's Sept. infant photo I can see traits on her face that I still see today. Whoa.

I am equally in awe at how much they have grown, and by how "this close" we are to Michael's birth. Keep baking!