Thursday, May 23, 2013


And now we have the 3 up front and another number with it.  Yay! :)  31 down, less than 9 to go.  It's crazy to think that in 8 and a half weeks, this little guy will (fingers crossed) be making his entrance into the world.  I thought it was crazy yesterday to really have the "2 calendar months" to go, and looking at my ticker, for some reason "63 days to go" seems really short!  It seems like we were swept away by this only yesterday and now we are heading into the final stretch... Over 75% of the way to the end.  Wow, wow, wow...

31 week belly
Everyone I see these days tells me that my belly has really popped out... again.  It's weird.  Especially as I look back over belly pictures and I see it.  I mean- geeze... You'd think there was a person in there or something! ;)

We see a lot of movement these days.  Michael loves to move and his elbows, feet, hands, and butt are very visible, especially if my belly is bare.  He responds to Peter's, Bobby's, and Maya's voices.  And he loves to be "played" with when he's awake: if you run your hand across my stomach, he'll kick in reply or if you leave your hand there, he'll curl up underneath.  We may have another silly monkey or snuggle muffin (or both!) on our hands!

I rang in 31 weeks by, you guessed it, mowing the lawn again!  The grass grows and has to be done, so it's kind of neat to count the weeks of the third trimester by mowing grass.  Poor Peter better get used to doing it at some point, though, because the first few postpartum weeks I'm not going anywhere near that mower, self-propelled or not!  But, for now, I don't mind it and I love the fresh air (even when it is humid).  I remember dreaming of being able to just sit outside for a few minutes when I was pregnant with Bobby and Maya.  I watched the spring and summer go by from the window and what I wouldn't have given for some fresh air (and not just what blew in from the open window).  Being able to be out and active in it is such an awesome thing.

I've found a way to sleep comfortably and sort-of on my back!  I'm a back sleeper and side sleeping just doesn't really cut it for me.  The couch has been my go-to place because I can prop myself up and sort of be on my back, but I finally figured out how to maneuver my body pillow and spare pillows so that my head/neck are supported and my hips and lower back are supported, keeping the weight off my back, while simultaneously laying semi-flat.  It's WONDERFUL.  I've actually been able to sleep in our bed the entire night!  Yippee!!

And, we've rescheduled our maternity pictures.  The rain knocked us out, but with the holiday on Monday, we'll be able to reattempt them! :)  I can't wait to see how they turn out.

So, all in all, the calendar is getting shorter and Michael will be here before we know it.  Crazy to think about, and even crazier that this time, we may actually do things on schedule!

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So glad to see that all is well!