Friday, May 3, 2013


Well, this post could just as well be called (the) cave(in)woman...

Last week, I was pretty ticked off that I failed the 1 hour GTT with a score of 144 (instead of 130-).  Instead of scheduling the 3hGTT, I declined and asked to speak with Dr B instead.  (He isn't in on Fridays, so my nurse told me he'd ring me back on Monday or so.)

Well, during Monday's playgroup, my phone ring and it's Dr. Bailey.  Funny enough, we'd been chatting about him (regarding something unrelated) and I joked that his ears must have been burning.  We chatted for a few minutes and then he got to the meat and potatoes: he really really wanted me to do the 3hGTT.  I explained the several reasons why I didn't want to do it, including the fact that I thought it was pointless and that I'd pass with flying colors (and, honestly, that if the one hour is failed by 90% of moms but, in reality, only 4% of moms develop GD, I didn't think that test was accurate).  He actually agreed with all my reasons, but said that, at the end of the day, he felt it was still important that I do it.  Because my GD was sooooo uncontrollable with Bobby and Maya, he was concerned that, on the slight chance I did have it this round, it would take us weeks to get it under control.  I didn't respond well to insulin and, he joked, he'd given me enough for a horse and even that wasn't enough.  While he felt I'd pass the 3h and he knew it was a pain in the ass, talking to him, I could hear the true concern he felt.  I'm not doubting part of it is also a liability issue, but at the same time, he calls my kids by name and, in the years he's been a part of my care team, I have always felt that he carried our best interests at heart.

After a twenty minute conversation, I acquiesced.  I'd do the #%&*(#ing 3hGTT.

So, yesterday, I rang in 28 weeks at the local lab.  On Wednesday, we ate dinner early at 6pm, so that I'd be absolutely done by 7pm.  And then, the fast began.  Although Dr. B. said that water wouldn't throw off the test at all (and that he didn't know why that myth was still perpetuated), I opted not to drink.  Which meant I was thirsty.  But, in advance, I'd drank so much water that I felt like I was peeing every 5 minutes.  But, I digress... No food or drink or ANYTHING.  I got to the lab at 6:45 and was the first person in line for the 7am opening.  As soon as I was inside, they drew my blood for the fasting and I drank 100g of (nasty) fruit punch glucose drink.  Imagine a really disgustingly sweet Hawaiian Punch.  But I did it- and in about 2 minutes.  (I was kind of proud.)  And, I didn't toss my cookies!  Sweet!

Every hour, I had my blood drawn until 10am.  And then, by 10:15am, I was at my favorite local bakery having (decaf) coffee and some delicious homemade goodies (I'm not kidding... I had a danish, a muffin, and a cookie... And they were AWESOME!)

The time at the lab went by quickly; part of it is the lab.  It's just your run of the mill Quest lab, but the folks there are really nice and they are chatty.  It's like talking to an old friend (who happens to know some of your medical history).  So, we had a nice time.  It was busy at times (so I edited some things on my laptop) but during the slow times, we all just chatted.  The hours actually flew by and, since the kids were in school, the only thing I missed was breakfast and getting them dressed.  By 11:30, I was sitting in the pick-up line, waiting for 12:15 to roll around.  So, while my morning was quasi-wasted (I mean, I did get to edit something I've been trying to get to for a while now...), it wasn't a total bust.  And I did treat myself to a carb overload after!

Well, this morning, my nurse called. As predicted, I passed.  But I REALLY REALLY PASSED!  Based on my results, the odds of me getting GD this pregnancy are slim to none.  For the fasting, I had to be between 65 and 90; I was 75.  For the 1h draw, it needed to be under 160; I was 135.  The 2h draw needed to be under 145 (I was 110) and the 3h needed to be less than 130 and I was, get this, 85.  Because my 3h would have been low enough to meet the 12h fast requirement, statistically speaking, my risk of gestational diabetes is so low that it is considered nothing.


I told the nurse that I'd celebrate with a big, fat slice of cake.  (Instead, I celebrated by mowing the grass...  the fun times here at Casa Haytko never quit...)

So, while I still believe the 3h is pretty much pointless, I can't lie and say that I'm not really happy to know that Michael is safe from the harmful side effects of maternal GD.  From a personal standpoint, the fasting was actually a good thing.  Peter and I had talked about doing the 3hGTT and my concerns about not eating or drinking (mainly, I'm a crazy, hormonal, hungry-all-the-time woman and am not fun to deal with in such a nasty state).  We talked about how many pregnant women (and nonpregnant people) all around the globe don't have access to food and clean water... and how easily it is for us to just pop into the kitchen for a nice cold glass of water that we aren't worried will make us sick or for whatever food fancy we happen to have.  It really makes you think... So many folks would do anything for a drink of clean water every 12 hours- and I was bitching about not having what I wanted when I wanted it.  So, I decided I'd offer up whatever thirst or hunger I had for the folks- especially the moms gestating- who don't have the option of prenatal care and testing (even if I consider some of it not worth the weight it is given) and who don't have access to proper food and water.  Every single time I felt thirsty or hungry during my night wakings or that morning, I just said a prayer and, every time, it went away.  I still felt it, but the angst I felt about not getting what I wanted faded.  And, before I knew it, I was done.

I don't have words of wisdom about doing the 3h or not.  It's a personal choice, of course.  My reversal came, ultimately, because I felt that Dr. B. was right.  While the chances I'd pass were very high, there was a slight possibility I'd fail and, since insulin apparently doesn't like me, there was a chance that before we got it under control, Michael would have some issues.  At birth, he already wont be able to be with me the way a natural or vaginal birth would allow... I don't want him needing to get stuck or having to go the nursery because of something I could either know right away (or rule out) with a mere inconvenience.  So, I did it. 

And, at my next appointment, I'll be sure to give Dr. B. a hard time!  But hey- I passed!  So pass the cake!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Way to go on the testing!

Amy said...

I'd say he owes you a full term delivery. ;-)