Saturday, June 1, 2013


8 months pregnant and a 5K run!

It's cute to think that 200 days ago, Michael and I ran our first 5K together with the 2012 Lemon Run (only 12 days post conception! Wow!)  We were quite cute :)

Lemon Run 2012, 12 days pregnant
And today, we ran again!  This time, a local 5K in honor of our town's day!  Quite a difference that 200 days!
Before the race, 32w2s

Before the race, 32w2s- Check out that belly!

Before the race, Sarah took a couple of shots in the garage and then we walked downtown for a warm up, where we got a picture before the gun went off.
Look at those happy girls!
We kept the whole 'just running with no real goals', with our 3 targets of the day being: finish the race, don't pee on yourself (that was for me, since I have to pee every 5 minutes!), and don't meet Michael today (our little joke).  We achieved our targets!  We ran it (slowly, I admit!) in 44:49, which is 13 seconds off my very first 5K time of 44:36.  (My PR is 27 minutes, so a bit slower than that, but I'm actually really excited that, even pregnant, I busted 45 minutes!)

Crazy to think that this was nearly 3 years ago... TexMex 2010
We jogged an average of 14 minute miles over a relatively flat course (elevation was only in the park we ran through) and we even ran by my house!  Peter was great, and brought the kids out so Sarah and I got some quick snuggles and high fives- twice, because of how the course turns.  It was cute.  Finishing up, we grabbed some yummy food, then met the kids and Peter in town for the farmer's market and town day. 
Bobby and I, making kiss faces together: Lansdale Day, 2013

Maya, loving her balloon: Lansdale Day, 2013
All, in all, it's been a great day! 

And, in really cool news, it dawned on me today that, if I were to go into labor, I'm far enough along for a level 2 NICU and could, in an emergency, go to a quasi-local hospital.  I've never been far enough along to even consider a level 2 NICU.  Not that I plan on delivering early, but still!  How exciting!

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queenie said...

Thanks for you're potty training comment.

I would have loved to have seen the looks on peoples faces as you ran by. Priceless, I'm sure. I'm so impressed by you, running that far at weeks!