Friday, May 17, 2013


All is still well :)  I swear this week is the "I cant stop eating" week.  I just want to eat every single thing in sight.  My current fave?  Those sweet and salty granola bars.... mmmm....

Well, we've decided on our babymoon plans! I am SUPER excited about this little holiday away with Peter as June gets closer.  We initially thought we'd drive up to Bethlehem for the day and go to the summer winemakers dinner at our favorite winery (no wine for me of course) , then an overnight at a B&B. The next morning after breakfast, we'd head up for the best bagels in the world (according to Peter) in New York, spend the day in the City, and then have dinner at my favorite restaurant, Pure Food and Wine (it's raw/vegan and WONDERFUL).   We never heard back from the winery about selling a ticket to a non-drinker, so we opted for a change in plan!

We plan to drive to NJ and spend most of the day at our spot on the shore (Spring Lake- it's perfection!), B&B there, then do our New York trip the following day.  Things we've discussed to do in New York (because I'll be, like 36 weeks pregnant at that point! WOO!) were a Broadway matinee or a Circle Line Cruise (which I've always wanted to do).  So, regardless what we do, it will be a fun babymoon/birthdays (I'm June, he's August)/anniversary (one more month til  we hit 15y!) trip. 

Best of all, Aunt Sarah and Uita agreed to babysit the munchkins for the night, so they will have a blast too!  For our anniversary trip (which was an overnight to the winery), the kids had so much fun they didn't want us to come home!  I have no doubt that this trip would elicit the same feelings. :) 

It's just 2 days and 1 night, but it's amazing how much things like that help you to reset with your partner.  I'm really happy we have such a support network that allows us to do little things like this!


Fran said...

It sounds amazing!!! Would you not do it abit sooner though? 36 weeks you'll be tiring very easily in my experience! Love, Fran

Michele said...

Oh Fran, I'm just so happy to get to 39 weeks (well, to get this far!) that I cant wait. I welcome the tiredness... to be able to do the whole "full term" thing is sucha dream come true!