Wednesday, May 1, 2013


10 weeks... 70 days... and Michael is due to be here!

And, drumroll..... this is the longest I've ever been pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Don't worry... I wont write that every day from this day forward... but maybe a few times!)

Last night, it seemed like hours played in milestones.  When my contractions couldn't be stopped with Bobby and Maya- the twins and I were getting ice cream and visiting the animals at the dairy farm...  When I was being prepped for the C-section- Sarah and I were out for a two and a half mile run through a local park...  When Bobby and Maya were seeing the outside world for the first time- we were having dinner.  And then...


No pregnancy memories to compare anything to.

And now, and since last night, Michael is my oldest child gestationally.

All I can do is thank God, thank Dr. Haney and Dr. Bailey, and be so incredibly grateful for every single second we've had thus far, and every second we will continue to have.

Third trimester is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ms. J said...

And Daniel Craig, remember to thank him. And me, whom you had your last drinkie with ;)