Tuesday, May 21, 2013


On the road towards 31 weeks...  Today, I'm 3 weeks out from where I delivered Bobby and Maya.

Emotionally, outside of the pregnancy, I'm having some rough patches.  I'll get through them, I'm sure, but they are still here and I'm still feeling it.

Physically, things seem normal from what I've read, seen, and been told. It's harder to get comfortable, my sciatica can be quite the monster, and I am bone tired to the point that, even if I'm not trying, I can lay down and fall asleep (which isn't me at all).  Red sauce gives me heartburn (sadness!) and food has started to not taste "right", which is funny, since I love food and eating! 

Michael moves all the time, which is reassuring, however, when he gets into certain spots (where he's compressing organs), man does it hurt!  There have been a few times where I've been out in public and unable to walk.  Not fun with the kids in tow!

Some of my clothes are getting tighter, which kind of sucks since I still have 9 weeks to go!  I may end up in PJs... We'll see :)  I find that it's more of me not liking the feeling of pressure against my belly, but outside of that, who the heck thought maternity low risers was a good idea?  No, people... Just say no...  On the 'tight' note, I think it's time to get some maternity panties.  I love my VS ones but they are starting to be uncomfortable because I don't like the band against my belly (and I cant stand bikini cut undies).  Looks like I'll have to venture into the mall and the Motherhood Maternity...

The weekend, as I posted, was full of sick :( and yesterday, I felt pretty lousy.  My MIL actually came over and I went to bed.  I threw up twice and my head wanted to explode. During naptime, I actually lounged around in my own bed and my MIL hung out in the living room, ready to help the kiddos should the need arise.  Bobby coughed until he woke himself, an hour and a half in, poor little guy.  He'll cough til he throws up the phlegm that's in his chest and, like me, he hates throwing up.  Makes me sad to see/hear him miserable.  :(  Hopefully, this will all pass very soon.

Well, 65 days to go until little Michael's full term arrival! :)


Amy said...

It was my prayer that you would experience all of the not-so-joyous parts of the third trimester, so I am thrilled!;-) I'll send up a prayer today and ask Him to ease up on you a bit, at least for a day or two. I am so, so happy for you. With all of the bad news, I am so blessed to be able to read your pregnancy complaints and breathe a sigh of relief. Other things may be a mess, but Micheal is doing just fine!:-)

Michele said...

Keep the prayers coming, Amy! I'm loving EVERY second of it. While some days are a bit painful, this is such a dream come true. Truly...:)