Wednesday, May 8, 2013


A good night's sleep!! YAY!!

I don't know if it was yesterday's rain or what, but it seemed like Bobby was able to breathe a bit (and Peter too, although he's still in allergy-hell right now), and we had no poop issues!  (unless you count Maya farting and calling herself a stinkopotamus... it's funny now... wont be funny when she's 30 instead of 3!)

I dozed on the couch somewhere around 8 or 8:30, slept there until 11 then went to bed, then back to the couch at 4.  Didn't get up til 7.  AMEN.  I've been sooo tired.  Then, when I dropped Bobby and Maya at my MIL's for a visit, my MIL told me to go home and nap instead of clean!  That's an awesome woman right there! ;)  I ended up doing some cleaning and some napping, so that was good.  I think I may take another nap since the kids are sleeping! ;)  Try to catch up on that missed sleep...

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