Friday, August 7, 2009


Please reach out and hold these families as they mourn.

I am just heartbroken and, even more so, because I know that for these 2, there are 20 that I've missed. But today, these folks are on my minds and I cant stop thinking of them.

Please say a prayer for them and their little ones, who now watch over them instead of being watched over by them...


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Of course I will pray for them. This is very sad news. If you happen to know their full names and address please email me at
[email protected] I would love to sent them each a handkerchief.
I am going out of town for 1 week but I will be checking my emails.
May God keep them in His care.

momto558 said...

So sad...the heartache..I feel for each one of these parents.I check your blog every other day.Your progress is amazing.Keep up the faith...your doing it:)Hugs,

Kate said...

amen. Your last line made me cry as I think of my own little ones who I will never hold. It comforts me to think they are watching over me. That they are not truly gone forever. Each loss in the IF world springs my wounds open anew. I hate that there has to be the grief of losing children in this world, may no one ever have to go through this, even my worst enemies.

Kim said...

you've been nominated, details in my blog

Carrie said...

My heart is with them. It is so unfair and awful, they have had too much pain already.