Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 9m Birthday, Alexander

9 months ago today, at 3:45am, I was in this hospital, in a room down the hall, giving birth to you, my sweet baby boy. You were kicking me up until you were on the outside, where you continued to kick! You actually got your foot caught, my breech little one, and your daddy helped your bent leg so that you could finish your birth. You kicked and punched as you entered this world, just as you had in your womb world. I cant not smile when I remember feeling that as you were born. And then looking over my still rounded tummy to watch those little shoulders of yours going back and forth. You were so active, my cuddlebug.

9 months ago... So short... A lifetime... And I feel so nostalgic for that time, perhaps because I am here.

Your daddy and I were awake at 3:45am. Did you wake us so that we could share that special time? I'm glad- we are glad- that you did.

Your (paternal) grandmother visited today with two large mugs "I love Mom", "I love Dad", and a tupperware of your favorite: tomato soup. And, let's not forget, a bag of tuna fish sandwiches, using your great-grandpa's recipe. A recipe that your daddy perfected when I craved them so much with you... I know that Grandpa is with you now, holding you on his knee, telling you all about the sandwiches he used to make your daddy and Uncle Robert and, later, me...

We love you so much, my sweet Alexander. Happy Birthday, baby boy. A very happy 9m birthday.


Gabby said...

happy birthday to you, too, michele, since this was the sweet day you gave birth to Alexander.

I love your tradition of celebrating with meals.

What a joy to have your angels watching over your twins.. I'm praying for you continued health and pregnancy..

Tanika said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Alexander :0)
Sending angel hugs & kisses to you~

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Alexander!

My boys and I are thinking of you today.

k@lakly said...

Thinking of you and Alexander.

Catherine W said...

Remembering Alexander.

Your description of his kicks and punches as he entered this world did make me smile. What an active little one.

I hope you enjoyed Alexander's special meal. I feel sure that he is with his Grandpa, his uncle and his big brother and sister. xx

Leah said...

Thinking of you. I'm so sorry for all the loss that you've had to endure. :-(

Donna said...

Remembering your sweet Alexander with you... XX

cheryllookingforward said...

Happy Birthday, Alexander! I'm sending some love and hope to all of you today (even though I'm a day late!)

quadmom said...

happy birthday, alexander.

*hugs to alexander's mommy*

Ms. J said...

Thinking of you.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sweet Baby Boy - Happy Birthday.
Michele, enjoy your goodies.