Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 30: T-8

Here we are... A new decade of numbers.

I ate a very delicious vegan brownie last night. It was wonderful. Thank you Whole Foods. Dark choc over peanut butter. Does dessert get any better than that?

This morning, a nurse (not my regular nurse) came in to do my BP and proceeded to turn all the lights on. Really? People are sleeping here. I know it's an amazing concept at times but... (Sorry... Can someone say "grumpy"?) She came back around 6:30-7am to take blood. I asked why and she said that my BP has been high? Huh? I thought she had the wrong person! I told her that my BP has been low and she's like, yes, well, we're taking blood to run another preeclampsia panel. Okay. Whatever. But as I was grumpy, I gave her the lowdown on my veins. She told me she was going to stick my hand and I was like, "No. You can have this vein, right here." I just kept repeating myself until she stuck the vein I pointed to (and nothing else) and got it on the first time. I just wasnt up for another screwed up pricking session. Not that early. Peter joked that there are going to be nurses that are like "I dont like that b!tch in 511" and then the others who will say "Are you nuts? She's the best patient on the floor!"

The babies got monitored and were all happy for a while until Maya decided she didnt like where she was and fell off the monitor. So, instead of my favorite weekday nurse coming in to adjust it, it was "THE" nurse (the one who made the "not all pregnancies are meant to last" comment). I hope that my shudder wasnt visible. So, she adjusts the monitor and finds her and then tells me that my fasting glucose was high at 118 (120 is the cutoff for normal) and she is recommending that Dr B check me out RIGHT AWAY. Now, Dr B and I just chatted about this and whether we do the test this week or next, I know his feelings on it, so I wasnt that concerned. But I hate the "we need to medicate you" attitude, which is how she came across.

When my real nurse came in to do my weight (same as last- nothing gained all week), she asked if everything was okay and I told her that the other woman got under my skin with my "high" result and she just chuckled and said that she wouldnt worry. That my diet is fine and that my late night brownie probably had a lot to do with it since my digestion has slowed down, not to mention the bedrest and the twin gestation. That she thinks it is very normal and to just not worry. I felt better. I know that she would be honest. She and I have similar personalities and she's never been one to withhold her thoughts. So, I felt a lot better after that.

On another not-so-groovy note, the Resident who I still hold partly responsible for Alexander's earlier than it had to be birth came in this morning. It was all I could do to tell her to not touch me. She listened to my chest and then touched my belly and legs (to check for swelling). I was curt with my answers to her and couldnt help it. Just having her touch me made my skin crawl. I guess I'm not over those feelings as much as I'd like to think... Thankfully, I think she came in because she was leaving, because Dr P, the Resident I really like, came in for his rounds and it was perfect, as usual. But ugh... That woman... her voice grates on me like nails on a chalkboard and her face is etched in my memory. I really hoped that, since I hadnt seen her, she wasnt here anymore. But perhaps this will be the only experience I have with her.

Overall, another good day. Babies are happy and active and we are soon to be about a week about from our next goal! 26w (and possibly my own bed!) here we come!!!


Anonymous said...

You're doing great. I hope you get to go home soon.

Donna said...

Sorry you had a not so nice nurse and the icky resident... it's amazing how much that can change your mood. Hope your day gets better - and if it doesn' another brownie!!!

Busted Tube said...

Woohoo you're almost to 25 weeks. I bet it doesn't feel like it in the hospital, but time seems to be going faster lately!
That brownie sounds very delicious. I'm sorry your morning hasn't been so great, but it is almost the weekend, so there's that to look forward to!
Happy ICLW!

Reba said...

with all you are going through, no one expects you not to be in a bad mood once in a while. i'm so glad the babies are doing well!! and that you might get to go home soon. well, if i'm being honest, if you were my sister i would beg you to stay in the hospital. :) (i hope you see it as a compliment!)

djordan said...

I hope you get to be back in your own bed very soon!

Juliet said...

I hope the not-so-nice hospital staff stay away. Yuck.

Wow, I can't believe you've been there for 30 days already, I hope the remainder of your stay goes very quickly and that you're at your next goal before you know it!

Kate said...

I'm so happy the T- dates are dwindling down. I'm sorry you had a rude nurse and THAT doctor. I'm glad you insisted and made the nurse knew what you needed to be done. It's hard sometimes when we're ingrained to be polite and that's our nature, but sometimes we just have to be assertive. I'm proud of you! *hugs*

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

quadmom said...

ugh i hope that resident is leaving. i am sorry you had to have her around and bring old feelings back to the surface.

glad to hear bobby and maya are doing well!

Anonymous said...

My mom works in a hospital and is always complaining about a few nurses that she works with. No matter what they are always grumpy. She plays a little game with them (in her head). The game is to see if she can get them to laugh or smile a certain amount of times in 5 minutes. My mom is also the kind of woman who took up accordion playing in her 40' there is some craziness there....;-). However, I can understand the frustration of being poked and prodded so early by grumpy people.

Hope your day gets better.


Michelle said...

ugh some people should find a different profession! I am hoping and praying that you get to go home soon.

Simbelmyne said...

Hugs, crossing my fingers that you can spend more time in your own bed without the worry of nasty hospital staff. I'm very glad that there are good people to help you keep perspective.
It's amazing to me how much people's negativity can stick with me.
Give yourself time to forgive-it can take a while.

Meanwhile, use your support people to keep the negatives out of your room whenever possible.

Always cheering you on,

Kim said...

hi again your pic...very nice....will let you know when i finish...took me 2 days for a pic for someone else who insisted on paying lol....will keep u updated on it

djsmom2007 said...

Congratulations, under 1 week to the goal of 26w! I can't imagine what you felt having that nurse and that resident! Remember the good ones and how they out weigh the bad ones!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry you have to deal with some shit nurses. I will pray for God to keep those evil nurses away!