Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Reba left a comment on my last post that asked about the children's names. I'm actually surprised it didnt come up before, since we are asked about it in real life. Anyway... she asked why we chose to call the children by their middle names. If it was because of a family tradition or religious preference.

I go by my middle name, but Peter does not. He is the III and both his grandpa and father go by Peter as well. I was named after a cousin and there were several relatives that shared (and went by) my first name, so everyone decided to call me Michele, and honestly, it fits me better than my first name (at least I think so). There are few folks who actually call me by my first name, although I am getting used to it in the hospital!

We knew that our first son would be Peter Nicholas IV and, from the start, I never felt drawn to calling him Peter. Our first miscarriage we christened as Peter because we felt that the baby was a boy and, when we got pregnant with the twins, we just knew that we were having a boy and a girl, and we felt that familiar sense... that name... But we knew that he was Nicholas. So, we decided that we would buck the system and call him by his middle name.

We knew that Sophia's name was Sophia. We didnt know whether it would be a first name or middle name, just that that was her name. Name meanings are very important to us and, one day, as we were talking, we just felt "earth wisdom" and saying "Gaea Sophia" just felt right. So, once again, a middle named child! Just like Mommy. :)

Alexander was actually a special case. We went back and forth with Nathaniel Alexander or Alexander Nathaniel. Both sounded nice on the tongue. Peter like NA, I liked AN. When he was born, his name slipped onto him like a glove... Nathaniel Alexander... Yet another middle name child.

Bobby and Maya are the only differences. It has always been clear what their names were and as their names drifted into place, Robert naturally fell before Benjamin and Maya fell before Eirene. The meanings, also, clicked into place. "Bright son of my right hand"... "Much peace"... First name babies... Like their Daddy.

So, it's not really family or religious tradition. Just the way the children told us their names. :) But I was really touched that Reba asked. I love to think about them and remember... Thank you. :)


sarah said...

michele, we are all wondering how your U/S went.i have been praying for you constantly and at the end of my night you are the first and the last of my prayers. please let me know how it went.

all my love and prayers,
your friend sarah.

Catherine W said...

How lovely. All your children have such beautiful names. Sometimes you just know that the name is right for the person. Like when Alexander was born.

I felt the same about my Georgina. Her name slipped on to her just like your Nathaniel Alexander's did.

I must admit, after your last post I was thinking Carol? Carol? All the time I've been reading your blog I've been thinking of you as a Michele. I know that it doesn't make any difference at all and that I read loads of blogs where I don't know the person's real name but for some reason it really threw me!

Thank you for telling us about your children's names. All beautiful. Counting down the days with you. xo

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was a great question. Thank you for sharing the answers. I love the way the names came to you.
Can't wait to meet Bobby & Maya.
Doing well today? I am praying for all of you.

Reba said...

I am so happy to hear the good news that your cervix is closed!! Yeah!! Thank you for sharing the story of your children's names. My twins' names, Abernathy and Malachi, just "fit" them, too. We just knew those were their names the night they were being born.