Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 22: T- 32.5 hours

We are now counting down the hours... Less than a day and a half to go until we hit that precious, 24w threshold and get those magic betamethesone injections. Bring on the big needles. I am ready.

I dont consider this the end of the journey by any means. I mean, we will still be living life in 2w increments. Every 2w is a better prognosis. First 26w, then 28w, then 30w and 32w. By the time 32w gets here, I think I may even do a 4w countdown (wow, optimistic me!) for that awesome, 36w cerclage removal!

I saw Dr M this morning. She checked with the endocrinologist and they agreed that yes, the steroids will supress my immune system and yes, post-steroids, my immune system is going to be a junkie for a few days. But they dont feel it is going to be enough to need to withhold my medication. Just for safety, she decided to run some baseline panels today so that, if things look funky next week, they can run a repeat and compare numbers. But, all in all, I think that things will be fine. I'm still glad we asked. She's also running panels for preeclampsia. I dont have any markers right now (in fact, my blood pressure rocks and I am very non-swollen considering all the summer weather), but just to be safe, since toxemia issues reared their ugly heads after Alexander. I'm hoping that they all come back very normal and that there are no underlying, hidden issues. (I mean, I cant argue if they say my liver or kidney tests come back poor...) But, fingers crossed, no issues!

Getting to the bloodwork... 3 sticks of the needle... The first was in my hand (note to folks: avoid any hand pricks at all cost; my hand is bruised and sore) and the second in the middle of my elbow. The third and final was in the side of my arm, where I had asked that the first needle be poked. Imagine that... The side worked. I tried to explain that I have spent the last 2y having my blood drawn CONSTANTLY and that I know where my working veins are, but... The nurse was very nice, but I wish that people would listen to me sometimes. My worst blood draws are when people dont listen. They mean well and they have their training on their side, but I have my veins. Like quite a bit of my body, they are false advertising. They look fine but when you poke them... not so much. But I digress... Blood was taken, urine was taken, and now the lab is analyzing them... I expect we will hear something tomorrow, but we shall see.

So, not too much else to update on. Having some increased discharge which freaks me out, but the pH is still normal. But, increased discharge makes me think of preterm labor so I'm trying not to think about it too much. I've had a few strange pains (quick ones) when my bladder gets full so I'm making sure that doesnt happen. Otherwise, my mammerjammer babies continue their growth spurt and playing soccer in my belly. I refuse to think about losing them at this point. 24w is in no way a sure thing although there are so many more interventions possible. I just am holding out for a safe labor in the vicinity of 36w, and two healthy, screaming, kicking babies at the end of the day... Babies that far outlive Peter and I and have families of their own.

So, here we are... The countdown continues!!! And tomorrow- we will almost be there!!!


Kate said...

"Babies that far outlive Peter and I and have families of their own." That made me tear up.

It reminds me of an ancient chinese story where a rich man goes to a pious religious man and says "I will give you a $1,000 if you tell me a good fortune" The wise man says, "Your father will die, then you will die, then your son will die." the rich man is outraged at this but the wise man says, "should you die first the pain to your father will be unimaginable, should your son die before you, you will know true pain, the best that I can predict is that you go in the order nature intends."

I pray that your babies will be happily hanging around until its their time to come out healthy and happy.

Keep up your positive self talk and refusal to let in the bad thoughts because I really believe your little one know and can feel your love and your belief they'll be okay.


Josh & Jessica said...

I am so excited for you guys... wow! hours instead of days... that's wonderful! Hopefully, there will be plenty more weeks to count down! I have 6.5 days left until 24 weeks! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I too am holding out for you to get to 36 weeks. I'm so happy that you have almost finished this countdown too. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers daily. xxx

Anonymous said...

Grow, babies, grow!

Tina said...

I am so glad to hear you are all doing well. I hope the time goes by quickly and 36 weeks is here before you know it!!

Michelle said...

So happy to see you now counting down the hours. That is a good thing!

I have to get blood draws from my hand all the time. I have very small veins and they have such a hard time with my arms. The worst was when they had to draw from the inside of my wrist. Oh man that hurt!


Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Just wanted to say that I'm so glad to see your updates every day, even moreso now that I'm on bedrest too. You have much more to report from the hospital than I do from home, but ultimately no news is good news and I'm happy to see you hanging in there.

Happy less-than-2-days!

djsmom2007 said...

WOW! almost 24 weeks! I will continue to pray for Bobby and Maya, Mommy and Daddy!

Barefoot said...

Yay! Almost there!

I hate it when no one will listen to you at blood draws.

bankshot said...

U GO GIRL!! :)

A n T said...

So you know I had to look at my elbow when you said second stick in the elbow. I've never heard such a thing! Crazy!! I believe with you....36 weeks!

nikki wood said...

I haven't commented in awhile, but I do read all your posts! I'm just so busy with work now, I'm tired when I come home. Plus I've been quite emotional lately it's taking a toll on me. I think of you and Peter and all your beautiful babies on a daily basis and pray for you just as much!

Grace said...

HOURS! though by now you should get your next two week count down! I have a question. Are you going to try a vaginal birth with the babies or will you go for a csection? I know its looking ahead but with do you have plans at all?

Kate said...

So Happy Things Are Going Well that it deserves capital letters. WHOO HOOO!
fingers crossed for normal blood work (so sorry about the stupid sticking) and nothing new to worry about,
fingers extra crossed for 2 more days, 2 more weeks, 2 more months.

hoping and praying,
warm wishes to you

sarah said...

congrats michelle and peter!! i remember when i got the betamethazone shots with megan and hoping and praying that they would help her. i got them at 27 weeks and she was born at 32 weeks!! aaron never had the chance for them to work. (he got them after he was born) and now i have a rather fisty 3 year old. just wait till the twins are 3!! you are always my first prayer of the night. i will be praying even harder now. all my love and prayers

Cheryl said...

I'm a BBC bedrest club graduate (4/6/09 after 13 weeks of bedrest). My bedrest journey started at 24 weeks, so I have been amazed and inspired while reading about your much, much harder one. FYI on the steroid shots -- ice the injection spot first. I'd heard they were incredibly painful; I honestly didn't feel mine, and I assume it was because of the ice.
Lots of luck to you guys. They didn't think we'd make it to 26 weeks. We made it to 37, and our son came home when we did. You're in my thoughts.

k@lakly said...

I am holding out for 36 weeks too! Way to go to you and those babies. I hope all the tests come back normal and that you get those 12 more weeks!

quadmom said...

36 weeks sounds perfect to me! you can do it!!

i am so glad you have made it to your first goal. everyday your babies are just getting stronger. yay! =)

djordan said...

Praying for you!