Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 13: T-11

I am so sorry this post is so late in the day but my utrasound was the last one! (Of course!) They came and got me around 4:30 and, after waiting around and things, it was 5:15 when I got back to my room and then I had visitors. But I am here now!

Things went well. The tech was really sweet and gave me a look at the babies before the MFM doctor and the resident who is taking care of me came in. Maya is transverse (and was kicking up a storm!). Her HB was 153bpm. Bobby was head downm, which is what has been causing me so much pressure on my cervix! He was headbutting me! We could see him! His HB was 145bpm. She was able to get a nice profile shot of Maya but every time she tried with Bobby, he would roll over and into a ball, as though he knew she was trying to photograph him. It would just be a black blob on the screen! Little stinker... But they were both so active and I could feel them and see them at the same time. It was magical.

Afterwards, she went to get the doctors and then prepped for the vag u/s. It was the same MFM as last week, Dr. C., and I really liked him. I was glad the resident, Dr. P., came also. He has seen me every single day I've been here, including last weekend. He seems so very compassionate. I am so pleased with the docs here. So, the scan started and you could see the stitch clearly. My cervix is CLOSED! The upper funnel is still there, as expected, but below... It measured 1.4! Now, these are measurements that fluxuate with the tech and where the measurement takes place, of course, but he said that he was getting "longer than last week" which was listed as 1.2. Thank you, thank you, thank your for the prayers!!!! Even with Bobby constantly on my cervix and the increased pressure, the stitch is holding my cervix closed and the bedrest is keeping pressure to a minimum. It was great news!

I was starting to get nervous as the day wore on and this just brightened my mood. I am so relieved and happy with the diagnosis. Dr. C. said that he would see me next week and hopefully things would be unchanged.

I had one contraction last night, but it was at the end of my monitoring session and my bladder was about to explode. The nurse said that was fine and doesnt count. :) So I am still contraction free for almost a week!

Carrie, who is carrying triplets, sent me a beautiful countdown calendar!!! THANK YOU!!! I have it next to the bed. Right now, there is a beautiful star with the number 11 on it. She also included a funny magnet which I attached to the leg of one of my trays. It allows me to pick where I'd rather be (instead of in bed... say, on a beach!). Thank you, Carrie! You are so thoughtful! We can do this! (She is one day behind me and we are both counting on our cervixes to get us to 24w at least!).

All in all, today was a very positive appointment. While I havent talked to Dr M yet, I fully expect to keep my priviledges and am looking forward to next week's scan (23w3d). The tech said that they may measure the babies again or they might wait until the following week (when I will be 24w3d) to get weights, etc.

Again, thank you for the prayers. They mean so much and I know they are working! They are being answered every single day.


Anonymous said...

What fantastic news!! I am glad that your cervix is cooperating and the babies are growing!! Keep them cookin' I am glad that your spirits are up! I am working on the "presents" I am sending you...I hope to have them done by the weekend and out in the mail. Sending my love from the 'burg!!

Mrs. Chop said...

I'm so glad to hear your cervix is closed. This is wonderful news. So happy that the babies are growing well and that your cervix is getting longer! Wow. Such a blessing.

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Glad that babies, cervix, and the rest of you are doing well.

You're right. Feeling them is great, seeing them on U/S is great, but feeling the movement you see on the screen is really magical.

Anonymous said...

Great news Michele! So encouraging, I will thank God and pray that things stay in this mode!
Lots of love, Anna in CA

Kate said...


Bobby sounds so cute rolling up in a ball when its time to take a picture :)

Carrie said...

Amazing news! Your body is doing a wonderful job!!! :)

I am so glad you like the calendar and magnet chart! It was so fun to make it for you and I sent it with lots of love. Your post today is so inspiring. I am feeling a little blue and this news made me SMILE! We can do it!!

sarah said...

Awsome news!!! i think of you and the babies often, we should coordinate our times so we can "do crafts" together. all my thoughts and prayers
love sarah

Barefoot said...

Hooray!!! Such good news. Although it sounds like you need to have a talk with your son about the headbutting. ;)

MFA Mama said...

What wonderful news! You're getting closer and closer to that magical "viability" mark, and it's so good to hear that things are still looking positive for you and the twins. Keep the updates coming--I worry when you don't post :)

Grace said...

That is awesome news! My sons and I pray for your babies everynight. Ben likes to say "and god we pray for the two babies mommy is obsessed with" I get so excited when good things happen to you. You'll be in our prayers.

Annalien said...

I am so glad that your cervix is holding up! Praise God! May He continue to bless you in the weeks to come.

Anne said...

This is wonderful news, so encouraging. you and the babies are doing so great and God is keeping you. I am so happy for you and Peter. Many hugs to you.

cheryllookingforward said...

Is it weird that I just said out loud "Hooray Cervix!!!"

Jimmie's Auntie Amber said...


I'm another stranger from the blog world praying for you. My sister lost her (1st pregnancy) daughter last year. Then her cervix started opening at 20 1/2 weeks with her son in Jan. She underwent an emergency cerclage that was termed sub-optimal. Then she spent a month on hospital bedrest before she went into labor Feb. 11th. She had her little boy Jimmie in the 24th week. He has been totally amazingly blessed and is living happily at home now after 88 days in the NICU. If you need something more to occupy your time- I have blogged Jimmie's entire journey!

I have so much for hope for precious Bobby and Maya. I have read Nicholas, Sophia and Alexander's birth stories and looked at all of their pictures. They are beautiful amazing children.

Your love and strength for your husband and your children has really touched me.

Thank you for sharing!

Bluebird said...

It's taken me a while to get caught up on my reading after the long weekend away :) Just wanted you to know that I've been thinking about you, and I'm so glad to read about a good day for you. Your spirit and strength continue to amaze me, and I know they will carry you through the remaining weeks (months?!)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Keep the good news coming!

Michelle said...

So glad to hear that everything went well with the ultrasound and the stitch is holding. You are doing such an amazing job!

I nominated you for an award!

Anonymous said...


bankshot said...

WOW! that is so exciting... glad to hear u/s and babies are doing well and cervix is being cooperative.... keep up the great work!!
One of my babies is shy also... she is always hiding in the u/s... covering her 'girl' parts or her face, and her sister is always trying to be in the camera and steal her thunder. will be interesting to see if these are the personalities they will hold as they grow.... as I am sure you are curious of as well! Tell them to keep growing strong... will cont. to keep you all in prayer... God bless! ~Michelle

Kate said...


And now? T-10.

Everything sounds so great under your circumstances, I am so so so glad.

Thank you for your sweet kindness Michele, truly, always. I appreciate it so much.
Thinking of you,