Saturday, August 22, 2009

25w (Day 31: T-7)

Here we are! Another week into pregnancy! The big 25! One week until our next big goal of 26w.

As I type this, Peter is in the chair in the corner, feeling like crap. He was fine earlier, but after lunch, he took a nap and then woke up not feeling great. Poor guy tried to throw up and failed. He's thinking the samosas he ate were bad. :( Poor guy. I want to take care of him and there is nothing I can do for him.

I saw Dr B yesterday afternoon and this morning. We are rerunning the fasting blood work on Monday morning, followed by my 1 hour glucose test. Fun times. He said that, if I fail, he isnt running the 3 hour, because he thinks my failure will be due mostly to bedrest and multiples. Unless my levels are in the true diabetic range, I will have the required "nutritional counseling" and be about my business. If something shows up funky, we will re-evaluate, but he said that a low level fail wont mean too much at this point.

On a not-so-happy note, I think Dr M got to him... (She wants me here until 32w.) He said that he doesnt think I need to be here that long, but that he thinks, instead of 26w and talking about discharge, he'd like to wait until 27-28w to do it. So, it looks like 2.5 more weeks in the hospital instead of 1.5 more weeks... If it is safer for the babies, so be it... But I have to tell you. What I do here is what I did at home, sans the twice daily monitoring and the weekly ultrasounds down the hall. But, I should be grateful. The initial talk was about being here until 36w. I am just a tad homesick and was so excited about possibly getting back to my own bed in the near future. But no complaints... I'd also rather know that my cervix is behaving and my babies wont just live they will thrive. The less chance of months in the NICU, the better. I realize I may not get away with zero days but that is a goal that I'm not willing to give up because I'd rather be in my Sleep Number bed than the hospital one. And Peter agrees. He also said that it would suck if I got my hopes up at 26w and then Dr B said "let's wait another week or two". Which he's right about.

Bad girl that I am today, I sat up for about 15 minutes. I came back from the bathroom and just wanted to sit down. So I did. My poor abs and back didnt know what to do with themselves. I will ask Dr B tomorrow how he would feel about me sitting for meals. My poor back and legs could use the break, even if it is only a few short bursts (and my post-meal heartburn would love it, too...) Never fear, I am back in bed! It was only a few short minutes to try and relax my back and bottom!

Peter ordered our cell phone upgrades and brought them last night. All of my stuff has been transferred from my Razr to my LG Dare (which I love!). Using the Dare's camera, he got this picture of my mother's ring, which is much nicer than the other one I posted. You can clearly see the claddagh and you can even make out the stones on the side.

Our cell phone package hasnt been changed yet, but I am sure he will get around to it. It's not exactly a priority right now...

All in all, it's a good day. I'm having a round of bedrest homesickness but that really cant be helped. (And let's not forget the "Why cant I just be a normal pregnant woman" bedrest depression, but hey... it's taken weeks for that to really hit so I should count myself lucky!) Bobby and Maya are keeping my spirits up with their playing and kicking. Who couldnt be thrilled to be in bed if their days consisted of playing with two, beautiful, belly babies? I'm counting my blessings. It's 25w and I am thankful beyond measure.

11 more weeks and these babies will be full term! That's less than a third of a pregnancy. I am still blown away that I am here. And just so very grateful. In that way, I know that Nicholas, Sophia, and Alexander, along with their miscarried siblings, have taught me so much about cherishing each and every moment and never taking anything for granted.

And, before I go, let me share with you my favorite moment from yesterday. Dear friends of ours have a little boy, D, who is in first grade and reading at a 3rd grade level (he and his sister are homeschooled and are so very well rounded and bright!). We spoke on the phone for about an hour last night and he read to me, then we talked, then he read to me some more. It was such an enjoyable time! I know I'm partial to kids reading because of the whole librarian thing, but I have got to tell you, little more has brought cheer to my day like hearing D read. I know the whole thing was so that he could get more out of reading by having someone to read to, but I gained more than I can say. Ever thought of letting a child read to you? I recommend it. There is nothing else like it.


Alex said...

I beam with pride every time my 7 year old reads to me :) Books, signs, letter anything she can see she reads :) And nothing makes me happier than seeing the pride on children's faces when they know they've done a good job :)

Keep cooking those babies!!

Paula said...

I totally agree about the reading. Jason reads to me occasionally but he frequently thinks that at 11 he's too cool to read to his mom. As long as he continues to enjoy reading to himself, I don't push it too much and cherish the times he does. Jess "reads" to me every night by using the pics in her books and reciting from memory - great prereading skills!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like things are going well.
Glad you got to listen to D read. Your ring is beautiful. I had to go and get a new phone on Thursday.
I don't like getting new phones, I get so attached and I'm not great with change when it comes to electronics! I had a pink Chocolate phone so I just went for the new Choc 3 in blue. I'm still learning. The Dare is a nice phone. I just needed to get the closet to what I had. I do love LG phones.

sprogblogger said...

Keeping you and those babies (and your poor ill man) in my thoughts. Hang in there - I'm so thrilled they are doing so well!

Belle said...

Congrats on reaching 25 weeks! I lurk and rarely comment, but I've been reading your journey for months, and I'm so proud that you've made it this far with the little ones! Hope the next week comes as fast as this one did!

Catherine W said...

I hate being away from my own bed and my own house. It must make you homesick from time to time.

It is amazing to think that you are only eleven weeks away from being full term. I can't imagine how it must feel to be SO pregnant.

I hope Bobby and Maya stay put for as many of those weeks as they can. Thinking of you xx

B.A.SMITH said...

Hi! (First time responder on you "blog".) I love the story about D. If I see him tomorrow at church I will be sure to mention his reading gig. When I drove to the shore last week, Rachel read the prologue to my new book and the 1st two chapters out loud. Good thing I gave up those racy novels years ago. XOXOXO Hugs and kisses for the whole family!
We'll light a candle for you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I would love to get our dog, Bishop, certified as to do therapy work so that we can participate in the local reading program where kids can come into the library and read to dogs (no pressure for the kids!). Unfortunately, Bishop has some health issues so we've had to postpone starting the training, but hopefully we will be able to get back to it at some point.

Happy 2-5!
I hope Peter is feeling better.

Michelle said...

My nephews are all too young to read just yet but I let them "read' to me all the time. I think it is amazing the stories they come up with that go along with the pictures in a book. It is priceless.

I know hearing you will have to be there a little longer is a bummer but in the end it is going to be so worth it. I hope the time flies by.

Carrie said...

YOU ARE SO CLOSE to your next goal!!!! I am so excited for you (and me too...)

I know that those homesick times will be coming for me too, but you know that the docs are taking such good care of you and B and M. Why can't we just get more comfy beds around this place?? ;) So glad you had a child read to you. It is an amazing thing.

Sending much 25 week love to you!!!

quadmom said...

yay for 25 weeks! i am sorry you won't be going home when you expected. when you were describing your 15 minutes of sitting i think the concept of such a long bed rest really hit home to me (to the extent it can for someone who hasn't experienced it!). it sounds so difficult ... you're so strong for going through it with such a positive outlook!

thanks for the advice on the insurance issue. it never occurred to me to petition them to let me keep going to my current RE. i will wait and see if i have any infertility coverage and if i do, try petitioning!

Kate said...

Sweet Michele,
HAPPY 25 WEEKS!!!!!!! How great!

And I was thinking, could you have a weekend furlough? Promise to come in for monitoring but sleep at home 2 nights if you promise to be good?
I have no idea if that would help or not, I know sitting for short times sure would help...
Anyway, I do not blame you for being homesick, and I also know that you are brave and tenacious and are doing all you can to keep those babies in!

Thinking of you,
and sending love,

Anonymous said...

what's up today? no post? everything ok?

Lost in Space said...

Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my letting go post.

I will be keeping you and your babies in my thoughts and prayers...for your next milestone and beyond.

Stace said...

You have been so supportive to me the past months. Thank you for that! I'm just getting back to being caught up and I'm SO happy that you've gotten where you are. I'm pulling with you every single day. Your love for your children is so apparent and you deserve the happiness you've been working for. :) Can't wait for your happy ending.