Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy 18m birthday, Nicholas

Happy Birthday, Nicholas... It has been 18m since you were born into this world, a world not quite ready for you... 18m since you reached out and touched our hands and kicked into our hands... 18m since you struggled to breathe but held on longer than anyone thought possible... 18m since my heart broke open- so that it could hold all the love I have for you... Held together now by your memories...

Your paternal grandmother made your dinner for us and your daddy brought it to the hospital so that we could have it tonight. A special, special dinner for a special, special boy.

We love you, Nicholas.


Anonymous said...

You guys are in my prayers, I was thinking about him yesterday.
God bless and peace be with you.
Enjoy your dinner :)

Carrie said...

Thinking of all of you today. I hope your weekend continues to go smoothly, surrounded by family!

Sophie said...

xx just hugs oo