Thursday, April 18, 2013


Last night was like any other night.  The kids had their bath, got into their jams, read their books, and then we did prayers, songs, and lights out.  I went to bed while Peter did the last tucking in, and then, a minute or so later, he joined me.  In the silence of the night, I hear shuffling in the hallway and then this little voice in the dark, "Stinky... In Potty?"

Peter is up in an instant and picked Bobby, who is in our bedroom at this point, up, saying "Good job.  Let's go potty."  Into the bathroom they went and, success!  Bobby went to the bathroom, Peter gave him lots of praise, I told him "Great job!" when he was finished, and Peter took him back to bed.  And then we both were whispering "YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" when Peter came back.  After the 2 nights of poop and then the nights of back to normal, I'll take this as a huge score!


quadmom said...

Awesome!!! Yay Bobby!

Fran said...

Well done Bobby!!!