Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This is a day that I feel so overwhelmed with emotion- good and sad.  We are one week out from the gestation that Bobby and Maya were born.  And, around 10w ago gestationally, it was when I went into the hospital with Alexander, after taking a prenatal yoga class.

10w later from that and, tonight, I just taught a yoga class.  Not even a prenatal one, but a regular, hatha class to a group of teenage girls and their moms.  As I went through the positions, there wasn't fear that something would happen or that I'd come home tonight and labor would start.  There was a pang of sadness at remembering how my yoga journey with Alex ended, and how it never even really began with Bobby and Maya (save the meditation aspect that was a daily routine).  But this time... How different this time has been and continues to be.

I'm so overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and strangers alike.  I bought some baby clothes (up through 9mo) off craigslist, by a local EMT who was getting rid of her son's clothes (he's a summer birthday as well, so the sizes would be good matches with Michael).  Yesterday, a friend of ours offered to drop off some clothes her sons had outgrown- and she brought 4 HUGE garbage bags (like the ones for outside work).  In addition to that, at Bobby and Maya's Easter Party at school, one of the moms struck up a conversation with me, including 'when are you due' and then offered to pass on some of her youngest child's items.  I hadnt thought much of it, until she knocked on my car window in the pick-up line today- with 3 bags in hand.  One bag was full of clothes, the other two of infant appropriate toys.  She's a relative stranger; I know her to say hi at Mass and know that her son is in the twins' class, but we've never emailed or hung out.  I was amazed by the generosity and kindness.  Now, Michael is dressed until he's 2!  (NO JOKE!)  All the 0-2T clothes I had gotten rid of because I didnt think there'd be another little guy (or gal) to dress in them... and now, others have shared with us.  Our garage has bags of things that are 3mo+ and I'm just amazed each time that I look at them.

One of the moms tonight asked when I was due, and when I said "about 11 weeks", it dawned on me just how close we really are.  We really are almost there.  Over the hump of viability, but close to the point of safety, too... Of the third trimester (8 days to go!!!)... Of "full term"/  It still blows my mind every second that I think of it, or each time a kick moves my belly, or when I realize that we have a really good chance this time of leaving the hospital with our baby in tow.

Amazing.  Truly, absolutely, amazing.

(Fingers Crossed for a good appt. with Dr. B. tomorrow!  It's almost my 1-hr glucose challenge!)

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