Sunday, April 7, 2013

Date Night!

Last night was the Daddy-Daughter Dance at the kids' school.  Maya has been talking about this since they announced it a month or so ago and to say she was excited is the understatement of the year!  She picked out her most princessey dress (what she wore on Easter and a handmedown from one of her favorite cousins J !!), picked out a headband yesterday from Target, and was just soooooo super over the moon that she and her daddy were going to go out to dinner (to her fave- the local pub!  That's my Irish girl right there!) and then to the dance.
Before the dance

Before the dance
She got a surprise from her grandparents too.  Before dinner, Peter took her over to his folks and Grandpa had picked out a corsage for the belle of the ball!  Uita even took extra care in making sure the bracelet would fit.  Afterwards, she modeled it for me.
A happy but tired princess with her flowers
At the dance, they gave roses to the girls (and for the dads, for their lapels), which Maya loved.  Peter said that she mostly danced with other little girls but there were a few dances they did together.  This led him to say that he's not sure he's worried about boys, but he definitely wants to triage all her girlfriends!  Ah... the joy of mimicing older girls.... We have more pics (but they are on our real camera) and the school took pics, so I'll update later on with those.

Bobby and I also had a Mother-Son Night Out!  We started off by going to our favorite pizzaria in the next town over (where Peter and I used to walk with the twins because we lived so close when they were infants). 
Um Mom??? I'm trying to eat here...

Yummmm.... Garlic Pizza!!!
During dinner, we usually make sure everyone is sitting up in their own chair, etc, but he chose the booth, so when I snuggled next to him and he leaned against me to eat (and watch the basketball game), I couldnt say no.  He held my hand with one hand and ate with the other.  Bliss!

Afterwards, I'd debated on what to do.  I thought about taking him bowling but the weather was so nice that we decided to try out... mini-golf!  It went really well!  Bobby struggles with getting things on the first try a lot, so I'm glad it was just one-on-one.  We got one, kid sized club and 2 balls (red of course!).  We played an 18 hole course!  It wasnt by the rules of course, but we had so much fun and he had a blast. 
Tap, roll, score!

So, first I throw the ball, then...
The fun center is also part of a dairy, so afterwards, we walked over and got ice cream!  I mean, really, no great date ends without ice cream!  He had strawberry (it's "red" basically... get it?) and I had butter pecan, which he decided he really liked.  While we were sitting there, he asked me to share and then didnt want to give it back!

Double fisting ice cream
It was dark, so I snuggled him and we walked around to see some of the animals, and then headed home.  We made it there about 10 minutes before Maya and Peter came home, and the kids were so excited to see each other again.

All in all, it was a great night!  I just love our special one-on-one times together.

UPDATE ON BABY JUDE:  The parents have asked that we all respect their privacy by not posting their personal information, however, I can say that the baby, while stable, is having some typical complications of prematurity and is in need of your prayers.  Please continue to keep them coming and I will post about him when I can.

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Thank you for updating on Jude. Such a pleasure to read that he's still fighting.