Thursday, April 4, 2013

Charmed Life

Some days (well, the good days, of course!), I am just blown away by how lovely life can be.  (Maybe I feel even more this way because spring looks like it might actually be on the way! YAY!)

Today, I had a text from Bobby's aide that she was ill and wouldnt be at school today.  I'm always worried about days like that because he does so much better with that one-to-one, but the email from his teacher was great.  Yes, he needed more redirection than normal, but it was still a good day.  But the story she told... So adorable.  This is from her email today:
"During centers I was helping Mrs. M with art and I look over at my rocking chair and there's Bobby just chilling out. At first I was just laughing but then I saw that he had the "Thursday" in his hand...he was acting out the entire circle time routine! He got off of the chair, put "Thursday" up on the calendar and then sat back in the chair saying "give me 5 and 2!" and put his hands up exactly like I do. The whole time I'm watching this I'm thinking I should be correcting this...but not until I get a picture first :) So I took a picture, which I'll send to you later because I can't get it off of my camera at school, and then went over and told him only teachers can sit in the rocking chair, to which he replied "hug!" and then gave me one and walked away."

I couldn't stop grinning at this story because I could just picture him, in Miss M's chair, mimicing her entire routine.  Six months ago, mimicing anyone was out of the question; then it was mimicing we are up to mimicing adults.  He's taking his time with his social milestones, but he's getting there.  And he's the cutest little guy.  When Peter got home from work yesterday, Bobby climbed to the top of our couch (which sits in front of the pass-through to the kitchen) and then jumped into Peter's arm.  To see his smile... Priceless.  And then, today, when we were playing, I was pushing him in the swing and goosing him, and he would just laugh and laugh.  I love that sound.  It's like music.

Miss Maya... Today, we met Peter after school for lunch.  There is a park about 10 minutes from us and 5 minutes from his office, so I packed up a lunch and we headed down for a picnic and some playground fun.  The kids had a blast!!!  They ate and played and just enjoyed having some mid-day daddy time.  (They ADORE him).  Before we gave the 2 minute warning, I turn around and Maya is literally up a tree.  With her dad's help, she has climbed her first tree!

Currently, she is stoked because Saturday is the Daddy-Daughter Ball. She's been talking about it for a month and I know she's about to pee herself with excitement.  I cant wait to hear all about it when they get back.  I'm still making plans for how to spend the evening with Mr. B.  But I'm excited we'll get a date too! :)

Add to it how well things are going with Michael, and that spring seems to finally have gotten the memo (it should be in the 60s and 70s next week!!!!), and it's all feeling quite charmed these days!


quadmom said...

This post makes me so happy! :):)

Amanda said...

What a beautiful day!!!

(sidenote - how is baby Jude doing? I've been checking back often, but maybe I missed an update.)