Sunday, April 21, 2013


Can you believe it?  Only 80 days to go!  Less than 3 months... less than 12 weeks...  This is getting insane.  In 9 days, I'll be at my last day of known pregnancy; 10 days, and I'll be the most pregnant I've ever been.  EVER.  That seems so surreal to me.

We were actually on vacation this last week (another post about that once I we are unpacked and I've gotten pictures uploaded), but talk about things that are just feeling crazy to me.  I went on vacation... hours away from my doctor... 2 hours away from a NICU that would be able to handle Michael if he were born now and a good half hour from a regular hospital... And without fear.  I ran (only once... there was just so much other stuff to do), and we did so much stuff with the peanuts.  From going to the childrens museum to horseback riding (Maya- not me!), and hitting the water park twice (me! in water! swimming! and I'm pregnant- I never would have thought that would have been a possibility for me!), we were busy and had a blast.  Bobby and Maya had even more fun than we did.  They especially loved the water park and the big slides, but they also loved the open play at a kid gym; being able to help them in these activities felt huge to me.  (No pun intended.)  Other than sticking to decaf, having no wine even when in wine country, and having my P17 shot on Friday, it was a pretty normal vacation.  I'm glad we were able to get in some great Bobby and Maya time before Michael arrives; I think this will be helpful to them.

Still running but uber slow.  On my vacation run, I ended up doing a little less than 2 miles in 30 minutes (which included a bathroom break a mile in).  So, slow.  But again, I'm feeling pretty amazed by the fact that I'm running at all.  Yoga is nice too (in fact, I'm teaching a class on Tuesday night), but I'm really not able to bend as much as I used to.  I'm still flexible but my belly popped a second time and I'm just unable to actually get there!

Aches and pains arent as bad as they were with Bobby and Maya (probably because I'm active and moble) but I do have some pretty nasty sciatica in my left butt cheek (sometimes the right, but the left is the worst and it's daily).  I get leg cramps at night sometimes, but just standing and walking for a few seconds takes care of that.  I also can no longer sleep on my back; even rolling over to my back is uncomfortable.  I've taken to being on my left side; when I start to get numb (I'm usually a stomach sleeper so my sides arent ideal), I move to my right, but I rarely get comfortable enough to go back to sleep.  I still get headaches and sometimes migraines within the day or few days post my P17 shot.  But, overall, nearly to the 3rd trimester (11 days!!!!!!!!!!) and feeling really good!


Queenie said...

I had horrible sciatica with my first. Pregnancy massages helped a ton. So glad that all is otherwise well!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a while and am so impressed with the positive attitude you bring to your journey.

I also jogged throughout both of my pregnancies and found that I felt healthy, the babies were healthy, and it was incredibly easy to get back on track after the babies were born. I also got slower and slower as the weeks progressed, and eventually (at about 35 weeks) just walked, but I listened to my body and followed its lead. Some days were great, some days were slow, but I just tried to get moving as much as possible.

I had leg cramps occasionally and found that eating a banana a day (and drinking lots of water) seemed to help - though I don't know if you're allowing bananas in the house again.

Congrats on the pregnancy and taking such good care of yourself (and Bobby and Maya) during it. Cheering from the sideline that you make it 80 more days!

- jane

Barb said...

Sciatica sucks!

Lea said...

Michele! I am so incredibly behind!! Yay, congratulations!!