Thursday, April 4, 2013


Here we are!  Viability!!!!  (and about T-97 days to go til delivery!)

Things are going GREAT and I am just so very excited and grateful to have hit this huge milestone, which feels especially big in the life of a pre-viability and preemie mom's pregnancy. 

24 weeks

I saw Dr. B. yesterday for another great appointment.  My BP was awesome (117/80), my weight was good (I'm up a total of 20 pounds), and my cervix was.... wait for it.... over 5 using TAU!!!  Yay!!  So that was all good.  But Mr. Michael was the best news...  He's measuring at around 25 weeks and his estimated weight was over 700 grams!  He's estimated to weigh 1 pound 9 ounces!  This is quite something when I imagine little Miss Maya at her birth (27w5d) weighing 2lb 5oz!  So, this is just wonderful news and I'm over the moon.

Michael at 23w6d; 1lb 9oz
Dr. B. is still good with me running but he put the smack down on my late June race. :(  He said his major concern would be dehydration, especially with me at 35w+, and that, while he's okay with me running- well, jogging- as long as I keep lots of water with me and am drinking every few minutes, especially once the weather gets warmer, he doesnt want me racing.  Which is fine with me.  So, no Tex Mex 5k for me!

Otherwise, all is still great.  Some rrrreeeaaalllyyy vivid dreams recently, still the sciatica and butt pain (especially after my P17 shots), and the hunger/tiredness.  But all in all, this is almost as easy as not being pregnant!  (Almost!) 

I am just so grateful and excited to be here!!! 24 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jo said...

Yay! 24 weeks, that's fantastic, Michele! I'm so happy for you :) My fingers and toes are crossed for you to get right to the end with no dramas xx

Brigid said...

Such exciting news!!

As for the Tex Mex 5k, if you already signed up, I'm sure Sarah won't mind drinking your margarita ; )

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Queenie said...

I am so, so glad to see you reach this milestone, and so happy to read a bit of good news today.