Thursday, April 25, 2013


It is amazing to think that, in 5 days time (gestationally), Bobby and Maya were born.  Just not ready...  The nursery is ready, Bobby and Maya are definitely ready, but little baby Michael is still baking.  And hopefully will be for another 11 weeks or so!

I saw Dr. B. yesterday and the appointment was okay.  Michael was sleeping and it was neat watching him just sort of lay there... Normally he's up and at it, kicking me, kicking at the u/s pressure, you name it.  But yesterday, he had his little hands near his face and, while his heartbeat was going steady and his little brain was clearly working, he was at rest (which changed an hour later, when I ate some MUCH craved for Mexican food...)  Dr. B. mentioned that, sans a cerclage, he'd be a tad worried, since if my membranes ruptured, the cord could prolapse (based on the transverse, back up way Michael was sleeping).  But, since I have the TAC in place, he said a rupture would just be cause to get to the hospital ASAP but not to fear a cord prolapse. 

My TAC looked good and I had a lot of healthy (and closed!) cervix beneath it. Yay!  All good!  At this point with Bobby and Maya, I had no cervix left and was periodically dilating.  So this is amazing!

But the appointment was just okay and not great for 2 reasons.  Dr. B. stressed that he's not worried at this point and that we shouldn't be either; but, for full disclosure, he wanted to mention two things he saw that he wants to keep an eye on and that made him recommend another Level 2 u/s with MFM at 32 weeks.  First, there was only 5mm or so between my uterus and bladder.  To put it in perspective (since I dont have measurements handy for the proper amount), imagine looking at the image of bladder next to uterus and seeing about a fingernail's width between, when you want to see a knuckle or so.  There was no expansion (meaning, there was no buldge to the uterus) which would signal impending rupture, but the fact that they were so close together means that my uterus is thinning.  It could be a result of B&M's c/s, it could just be the way my body is made.  We didn't see this with B&M's pregnancy (and clearly, my uterus was wwwwaaaayyyy bigger back then), so it is something he wants to just keep an eye on.  If my uterus grows a yamulka, then I'm in the hospital; he's never had a patient rupture at home and has said the only ruptures he's seen first hand were during the pushing phase, but since I can't get to the pushing phase and contractions could cause the rupture because the TAC wouldn't let me dilate to relieve the pressure, he said that was something he wouldn't want to risk.  Signs of rupture at home would include such an intense pain that I wouldnt be able to see straight and he told me to call him ASAP and be en route to the hospital.  But, again, stressing, that is NOT what he forsees happening; he just likes to be prepared, and one of the things I love about him is that I've never felt caught out of the blue with information.  He has always been up front about things that could/might happen and what he's seeing, and I'm glad he's proactive. 

The other thing, and again, not a big deal at this point, was that he said I may have too much amniotic fluid.  He didn't do an AFI and said that, with only one ultrasound showing it combined with the fact that Michael was sleeping and he didnt want to wake him up just to try and get a better image, this isn't a big deal.  Just something to look at when I come in for my 30 week appointment and a second reason to have MFM give it a look with the high resolution u/s.  One u/s does not high AFI make.  He said that so much of it is how the baby is moving and, since Michael was low and you could barely see fluid beneath him because of where he was laying, it's possible we were seeing more above him because of that alone.  The next u/s would give us a better direction of if this is even a problem.  Same with the uterus/bladder distance.

So, he's not worried.  Honestly, I'm not worried either.  I gave this pregnancy, for better or worse, over to the Divine a long time ago.  Whatever is going to happen, I can't stop.  I can only do my best and be my healthiest.  I know that, should Michael need to be born today, he has excellent odds in a great NICU.  I don't want that, but there's no reason to obsess over something I can't change anyway.

Dr. B. told me to keep running (ahem... jogging), keep eating and gaining weight (are you insane???!!!!), and to keep up with the kiddos, meditation, and yoga because, clearly, they are all coming together to make for a really great pregnancy. :)  So, that's that.  Following doc's orders, Sarah and I laced up last night and I taught yoga on Tuesday, so this week already looks textbook! :)  (And I definitely gained weight from vacation!)

I had my 1 hour glucose challenge yesterday as well; results should be back this afternoon.  As an added bonus, Dr. B. tossed in an A1C3 test to see a more long-distances view of my sugars.  On a not-so-great sidenote, when I called to ask how long I needed to fast, the desk told me 4 hours and that I could drink water throughout.  I double checked this and they said, yep, water was fine.  So, I go in with my nurse to do the bloodwork and we go over the whole "did you fast" thing and I say yes, but that I had water and she was like "NO!!!!!".  Apparently, you are NOT supposed to drink water during the 'fast'.  Fun times.  She said that 90% of patients fail (which leads me to ask WTF we are making everyone do this??? Me, I understand; I had GD in a previous pregnancy, but why the mainstream, when only 4% of people actually develop GD???) and that, most likely, I'll have to come back for the 3 hour.  Great. Awesome.  Because I can think of nothing better to do that to have a 3 hour glucose challenge on the back of a 12 hour fast.  A-W-E-S-O-M-E.  So, anyone else drink water during the time they were supposed to be fasting (and even after they did the challenge but before the blood draw)?  Pass? Fail?   I'll find out my results later today! 

So, no pic of Baby Haytko because he refused to cooperate and decided it was naptime, but so far, still so good, I'd say!


cheryllookingforward said...

So so weird. I'm allowed to eat before my 1 hr test... but they gave me a list of things that I shouldn't eat - like fruit or candy.
I couldn't imagine not being able to drink anything. Maybe all of the tests are different. I hope you pass anyway! Good luck!

Erin said...

Never had to fast for my one hour. Failed it both pregnancies and passed each 3 hour. Wishing you the best.

Jen said...

I was never told to fast before my one hour test. In fact, when I did the test while expecting my twins, I was SO thirsty that after I gulped the syrupy orange drink down, the technician gave me MULTIPLE bottles of water while we waited to draw my blood. And I passed with flying colors.

Amy said...

To hell with those tests. Since when is it normal for a pregnant woman to go three hours without eating anything, and then send a surge of sugar into her system? Oh yeah, THAT'S something we need to put our body through - not! And since when is it a good idea to go without water? I hate those tests and ignore their instructions completely. Its lunacy to think they test for anything accurately.