Friday, April 26, 2013


Man... today... Good grief!  Normally, our Fridays are interesting because Bobby has OT, then we go and pick up my dad for a visit; he stays with us all day and, after dinner and bath, Peter (and the kids) take him home. Today, we have an afternoon playdate and those friends for dinner.  So, we decided we'd still do the visit with my dad, but I'd need to take him home by 3pm so I could be back by 4pm for the playdate.  Which means, putting Bobby and Maya to nap earlier than normal so they could be up after a good block (or so that, when I wake them up, they've had a good nap).  Well... that bumps lunch up.  Lunch was okay but nap?  No one wanted to go to sleep.  What normally takes me 5-10 minutes took 35 minutes.  About 20 minutes in, my patience was wearing thin and, by half an hour, I was aching all over from standing up in their bedroom and trying every trick possible to get them to sleep.  By the time they were settled and I left, every muscle in my body ached. 

And my dad?  Asleep on the couch.  And snoring like a freight train.  Have I ever mentioned how much I really HATE snoring?  It's worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.

But, here we are.  27w1d...  Nurse called this morning with my 1 hour results: 144.  To pass, I needed 130 or less.  Now, let's put this is perspective.  Some OBs use 140 as the cutoff; others, use the (old) cutoff of 150.  Mine uses the guidelines put in place a few years ago, of 130.  So, I failed.  I've read up on the test and, apparently, drinking water can skew the results, but whatever.  The more I read, the more ticked off I am.  Because I have the GD history, I want to know whether or not I've developed it.  But I want to know that with a test that has better result (which apparently doesnt exist).  You can say "90% of patients fail the 1 hr; 15% fail the 3 hr; but only 4% of people really have GD" and expect that to raise levels of patient confidence.  My first trimester/early trimester A1C3 test was fine, as was the 27w one.  This alone shows that, in recent history, my pancreas is functioning fine and I'm not having issues.  When I had a blood test post lunch, it came back well within range.  So, honestly, I'm not really concerned.  But I want to know.

However, I declined the 3 hour glucose challenge.  I'm not going to fast for 12 hours; the 4 hour fast was awful.  I had a terrible headache, I started to feel naseaus, and after ingesting 50g of glucose, I felt lightheaded and wired; when I was driving to the appointment, it felt like my hands were drumming the steering wheel even though they werent moving.  Yeah... I'd really like to not do that- times three.  Not to mention, I'd have to spend 4 hours at the lab; with Bobby and Maya, that is impossible.  My MIL is out of commission because of her knee surgery; at this point, she still isn't okay with the kids for that long.  Right now, Peter is missing several hours of work each time I have an OB appointment because he has to come home and stay with the kids.  That leads to a nightmare of an afternoon because then he's late getting home from work, and the kids are upset.  There's no way in hell I'm taking the kids to the lab and there's no one that I think they (especially Bobby) would be okay with for a four hour stint.  I thought about doing it while the kids are in school, but I cant; I have to be at school 45min before drop off so that I can be first in line, per the school's request; otherwise, Bobby has a meltdown that they can't handle.  So, no... Cant do it.  Wont do it.

The nurse told me that she thought, since I had drank water and the results werent terrible, that Dr. B. would probably be okay with me repeating the 1hr.  I also volunteered to do finger sticks post meals to determine whether or not I'd need insulin.  My diet is actually quiet good; way better than it was with Bobby and Maya's pregnancy.  I dont mind looking into modifications, should that be needed.  But with my level of activity combined with eating fairly well, I dont think that GD is really a factor in this pregnancy.  That being said, I'm not opposed to making changes if they are needed.  But I'm not taking the 3hr.  There are other options.

I'm up constantly during the night and Fridays suck because the P17 shot is getting more painful as my sciatica gets worse.  But feeling those kicks and punches...  So worth it.  Today's shot was pretty awful; the shot itself was fine, but the sciatica... Oh how it keys up the pain.  Once the shot is in, if the sciatica starts, it just gets worse and worse.  I was on the verge of tears this morning; it felt like a giant muscle spasm in my butt and leg, and oh... how it hurt.  Thankfully, although the aftershock is still there, the spasm part is done.  But ugh... sucks!

Michael loves to move and shake :)  As each day passes and we get closer and closer to his delivery (75 days!!!!), I am just getting more and more excited to see the little guy on the outside.  And so are Bobby and Maya!  Watching their excitement and joy is such a neat experience.

I'm so ready to take a nap!  That's not to be for today, but a girl can dream!


Ms. J said...

I'd bet my next glass of wine that you don't have GD. I support you skipping the long test. You have been INCREDIBLY healthy and mindful in this pregnancy, and are in terrific shape, with a special focus on a healthy diet (all that cereal and PB&J, lol -- kidding you). You've been a very good girl!!!!

I swear the whole thing has become a scam for insurance companies, etc (and I rarely am pessimistic on health stuff).

Mama G said...

Hey I don't know if it's an option but have you thought about a chiropractor for your sciatica? They have been AMAZING at treating them. Hugs on the P17 shots. Those are a pain in the ass! ;) But so worth getting that extra baking time for baby.