Thursday, April 18, 2013


26 weeks is here!  With Bobby and Maya, this was such a huge goal.  Dr. B. came by my room one day when I was on bedrest with them, explaining just how much better from 24w the statistics for 26 weekers would be... How the hospital had a 90% success rate saving 26w old babies and that, of those, only 10% would have issues of concern.  It was such a goal to get there with them; Dr. B and his staff even sent flowers.  I debated sending him the flowers, but since I'll see him next week, I figured I'd bring him something to celebrate what will then be, our 27w appt.

Feeling good.  I did have to buy some bigger bras.  I suppoes I shouldnt feel too bad since I was going to have to replace them before, but it was quite a shock to have to go up a bra and cup size larger (from 38D to 40DD).  That was a bit of a hit since I really was so excited to drop bra sizes as I lost weight.
Belly Love @ 26w

And on the topic of weight, I'll admit that it is getting harder for me to see the scale rise.  Dr. B. isnt concerned at all and said that he thinks my weight gain has been excellent, but still... To see everything getting larger and larger... When you made the promise to yourself that you wouldnt get 'that' big again. It's a "fat" thing; I know that.  In my head, I'm still struggling with being overweight, even at a healthy weight.  Pregnancy, clearly, changes a mother's weight and that change is good for the baby in many cases.  I know that Michael is benefiting by my habits, but at the same time, I have to remind myself that I'm not 'getting fat'; I'm gestating a baby.  This is all part of the journey and eating balanced meals (with the ocassional splurge here and there) is good for him and me.  And, as Dr. B. says, he has full confidence that I'll lose whatever I've gained once the baby is born.  (From his mouth to the gods of weight loss's ears!)  But, for the most part, this stuff is held at bay; every now and again, it hits me and I have a sense of lack of control or upsetness.  Remembering the miracle of this entire journey helps.  (Along with Peter's helpful words!)

26w belly

But, things are going really well.  Pregnancy is going well.  Kids are super excited.  We're excited. :)  I do get tired a bit more easily and, if I push myself harder during the day, it's not uncommon for me to have some Braxton Hicks in the evening.  Usually though, I'm just ready to crash by 7:30.  I made dinner, clean up, and want the couch.  I'm glad Peter enjoys being such a hands on dad, because I am wiped completely out come evening.  Running helps keep my energy up, I think; getting in a morning run tends to bode well for a good day. 


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