Tuesday, April 16, 2013


A short post.

All is well.  I've been responding to countless texts, emails, and FB emails.  I was not and am not in Boston; my family is safe.  I had planned on running Boston (under a charity slot) until I found out I was pregnant last fall.  (I had talked to Peter about it after MCM, but then, a few weeks later, life changed.)  But we are all okay.

Everything with pregnancy is going well.  My belly has popped again and I swear I feel as big as a house.  I'll post 26w pictures come Thursday.

2w from today, gestationally, Bobby and Maya were born.  While it is comforting to know that Michael has an excellent chance at that age, the idea that they were gone from my body, two short weeks from now just blows my mind.  And makes me sad to think about.  :(  On this day in their pregnancy, we were dealing with the stress of Bobby's SVT and bradycardia episodes in utero.  Not so fun times...  With this baby, my biggest issue is that he wants to kick my belly button into an outie!

Michael is quite the soccer star.  Loves to kick and loves to hear the voices of his daddy, big brother, and big sister.  Maya was reading to my tummy this morning, and he kept kicking in the direction she was.  Bobby, last night, was snuggling me for a movie, and whenever he would touch my stomach and say "baby" or "brother" or "Michael", you'd feel a little nudge.  They both love this.  As for Peter, I think he'd stay pressed against my belly full time if he could!  He sings and talks, and in return, Michael gives him a pounding.  It's cute. :)

Well, I think I might go for a run later... We shall see...  I need to blow off some energy.

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