Friday, April 5, 2013

Could I Title This One Uncharmed Life???

No, seriously.

I mean, great days come with the I'm-going-to-annoy-the-ever-living-life-out-of-you days... They have to.  As I emailed Peter, I just want to grab Bobby and RUN!  He's my sweet snuggle muffin today, but Miss Maya?  She's driving me bananas.

ATTITUDE.  It's like 3 going on 30, and sometimes, I just cant take it.  (Add days where my dad is visiting and seems to have forgotten how to parent- for example, when I say "Pawpaw will take your cup" because Bobby is about to dump it in the floor, TAKE THE DAMN CUP.  When I called him on it, he said he thought that I meant he'd take it at some point in the future.  REALLY???? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN????)  But back to Maya.  She needles poor Bobby until he cant take it anymore and he snaps back on her.  He's like a rubberband.  He'll let her pull and pull and pull and pull- and then POP.  Just once.  He doesnt need more than once to make the point.

Now, clearly, we tell him his behavior isn't right.  But at the same time, there is the part of me that wants to scream at Maya, "But you deserved it!"  I mean, you keep grabbing his hand/taking his toy/running into him/whatever, and he asks you to stop or just walks away and you keep on!  Of course, five minutes after whatever altercation, they are back to being each other's shadows, but still...

And the whining... Dear God, we've entered the girlie whining stage and I.CANT.TAKE.IT.  I'm not an overly patient person to start with but when she moves into demonvoce and starts with the whining, I'm ready to take us both outside the shed. UGH.

(Can you tell this post is written from a woman whose overly hormonal, had a P17 shot that burned like the flames of hell themselves, and is so tired she can barely sit up to type?  Yeah... It's one of those days...)

(In fun, this post really made me feel it today... Check it out)