Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Preparation Equals Lack Of Need

Apparently in our house, this is true.  Being prepared for something means it just wont happen.

Thank you for all the comments to my last post.  I really appreciated reading through your emails and your advice for ways to deal with our recent issue.  I will say that the 2 big pointers- taping the diaper and putting a potty seat in the bedroom- which seemed common thoughts, wouldnt work for Mr B.  He is potty trained/training, so he needs to be able to get his pull up off in the middle of the night; that's actually the biggest pain with the PJs-on-backwards.  It's such a pain to get him undressed when he asks to go to the bathroom.  I was looking forward to the summer because we were going back to the 2 pieces!  Neither of ours ever would use the little potties.  They wanted the toilets.  Even now, if we are somewhere where there is a kid-potty-insert, while Maya will use it (while telling us how she doesnt like it, etc), Bobby wont.  He will let you hold him on the big seat if he has to sit (he usually stands to pee and, because he's so tall now, doesnt need help with most standard toilets).  At school, they have real toilets that are just lower to the ground and with small seats, so they are both fine at school and, at home, our 3 toilets all have the integrated seats.  Our kids also have a touch of OCD, LOL.  We taught them that their bedrooms are for sleeping and it took months to convince them that they could actually play in there too.  (Bonus: we've never had real issues with them trying to get out of their beds or not wanting to sleep in their beds, which seems to be relatively common with transitioning kids to beds.)  So, they know the toilet goes in the bathroom; even if they used mini potty chairs, I dont know that they- him especially- would allow one in their bedroom.  But I think the idea is a great one.

So, last night, we made sure to take him to the toilet several times around the bath/bed time frame and, thankfully, he did his business at one of them!  YAY!  Then, to be safe, I grabbed a pull up and put it in our bedroom so, if we had to change him, we would have everything we needed to get him back to bed quickly.  (For ease, I have double sheets on the bed, with a plastic cover inbetween sheets/mattress so, when an emergency occurs, I just strip off layer one, and there is a new bed, ready to go.  Then I can clean sheets, do laundry, etc, while the kid in question is getting put back to bed.)

Well, of course, last night was fine!  He got up this morning, fully dressed, no accident. 

He doesnt like to be dirty- at all.  So, I dont think he was stripping to play with poop or anything like that.  He cant stand it.  He freaks out and wants to be CLEAN NOW.  So, my thought is that he realized he needed to go (or had just gone) and was trying to take everything off (perhaps in an act of independence? to do it himself?  Maya did this; she would pee herself when she was new in panties and would strip, put things in the hamper, and change, without saying anything until she was questioned about her new pants.)  But, when he realized he had poop on him (and everywhere else) he'd freak and start to cry, hence parental involvement.  While I cant swear to this, with him, it seems to make sense.

But, once again, THANK YOU for all of the suggestions and emails.  We'll definitely try to add some fiber into his morning and, hopefully, we'll be back to post-nap pooping soon! :)

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