Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Here we are, the last day with a 24w in front of it.  Wow!  (If I've said it once, I've said it a billion times, but time is flying by.)

Yesterday marked three weeks until Bobby and Maya were born.  Marked three weeks until the longest I've ever been pregnant.  And now we are 3 weeks until the cusp of the third trimester, something I have wanted to hit since this pregnancy began.  I'm so hopeful that we'll get there and, honestly, I believe that we will.

Thanks to the beautiful spring weather, I've been running in the mornings.  Perfection!  I love it.  I'm slow (okay, like SUPER SLOW) and it could (or should) be called "My half-assed attempt at super slow jogging" but regardless, it is something I look forward to.  Since Peter's lab moved significantly closer to us, cutting his commute by more than half, He doesnt leave here until 8:30-8:45, which means I can do a 6am run (thus fullfilling my need to sleep.sleep.sleep.  I'm in bed 8:30-9 and would love to say I sleep straight until 6am, but I'm up at least a half dozen times to pee and usually end up on the couch from about 4am on just because it's more comfortable.)  But, I'm still running and that is such a huge blessing.  It's a great moment of "me" time, wonderful memories of this pregnancy with Michael, and it's keeping me healthy.  So Amen to that!

Today is 13 weeks and exactly 3 calendar months until Michael's delivery date.  13 weeks.  That seems so... small an amount of time.  Once I hit the third trimester, we'll be moving into single digit weeks.  Wow.  Just wow.

But, all's good.  My weight is the same it has been for the last few weeks even though Michael is growing and, at times, I swear he's going to pop out through my belly button! (We're gestating a star soccer player!).  The kids are getting more and more excited by the day, and we are ready.  Nursery is done, clothes are done- okay, so we are mostly done... I need to hit up the J&J store and get baby supplies, but otherwise, we really are ready.  Which feels good. 

So, another week ends and another begins.  Woo Hoo!

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Brigid said...

You're rocking those morning runs!

I can't believe how fast everything is going...seems only yesterday we were having breakfast and Maya was telling me the big news!!