Thursday, February 28, 2013


Well, we are officially over the halfway point and the countdown to delivery is shorter than the countdown up.  It's like a race.  Every step now is a step homeward bound; 18w6d until (if all goes to plan) we are meeting Michael for the first time on the outside!

I'm tired.  Last night was a tough one, sleep wise, for me, and the one thing that hasnt changed is a need (as well as a desire) for 10-12 hours of sleep a day (which, for me, is close to double what I'm okay with usually... 6 hours isnt bad even though I prefer 7-8, but these days?  Ugh... And last night, was about 4, so I feel VERY tired.)  But, outside of the I-need-sleep tiredness, I feel great.  Like, really, GREAT!  Run a marathon (okay, maybe not, but definitely run a half-marathon) awesome.

With Peter away, I've tried to be more active with the kids and, while I find that I tire easily and need to stop and put my feet up for a few minutes, I can do it.  And I can keep up with the housework even with no day alone to do it (it's not up to par for 'cleaning day' but it's not a pig stye and it's not such that I wouldnt entertain people).  And I can still run, and snuggle preschoolers (and carry them around).  I just really feel good.  I can't believe how good I feel actually.  It's amazing.  If all my pregnancies had been like this, I'd want to do it over and over again.

My cravings have been interesting.  Still love the PB&J from time to time, but there hasnt been anything that has been a must-have-very-often, as in my other pregnancies.  Fried chicken is something I tend to have a taste for more often than other things (we're having it Saturday!) but maybe it's my menu making that is leading me to less acknowledgement of cravings?  I dont know...  I love crunchy salads with Russian dressing recently.  I've been having one late morning or early afternoon for the last 2 weeks.  That's a new thing; I mean, I love salads, but the 'craving' for one.  Oh, and tomato juice.  Love that... and cottage cheese and grapefruit (which I dont like in general)...  So, there are things, just nothing that is all the time.

In cute news, Bobby and Maya gave Michael his first brother/sister gift. :)  They loved their Sleep Sheep stuffed animals, and they picked out a Sleep Giraffe.  And, since their Tiddliwinks Bears have been CONSTANT companions since they came home from the NICU,  they wanted him to have a 'bear' too.  Of course, their bears have been discontinued, so they picked out a lion.  Very adorable.  And you should have seen their faces... Priceless.  They love their baby brother already.  Bobby has taken to touching my belly and saying "Michael" and Maya likes to lay on my stomach and say "I love you, Michael."  It's so stinking cute.

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