Monday, February 4, 2013


Halfway through this week... approaching 15w6d when Nicholas was born.  Still feeling okay, for the most part.  There are emotional moments but, suprisingly, far fewer than I imagined when I first found out I was pregnant and when I first realized just how close this pregnancy would mimic Nicholas and Sophia's timeline (on Nick's birthday, I was 15w1d, so I'm 5 days "off" this time).

From a symptoms standpoint, I'm still tired (all the time), still waking up way too early and unable to go back to bed (think I'd better just start suiting up in my cold weather gear and going out since I'm not going back to bed anyway!), and still having interesting food cravings (yes, Chef Boyardee is still in the cupboards, as is crunchy PB and apricot preserves!).  But, I'm eating fine, weight gain is under good control, drinking water, and able, for the most part, to keep up with the monkeys during the day.  But once Peter comes home or, on Tuesdays, when Sarah visits, I am so wiped out that it is a struggle to just make dinner and eat.  I am just soooo tired.  That, I think, is the strangest sensation; I'm just tired ALL.THE.TIME.  Oh, and I'm itchy!  My back itches constantly!!!  You'd think a massive swarm of mosquitos bit me!  My belly (and the few new stretchmarks), I can understand, but my upper back?  What gives, Pregnancy Fairy?

I feel Michael move a bit each day; he tends to hang out on the right side, which is considerably more round than my left side (it's funny looking actually).  

Tomorrow, I begin a Bible study on Tuesday mornings until May, and in March, I'll start assistant coaching track and teaching prenatal yoga (for the school district) until May as well.  There's a part of me that feels so insane to be making plans.  I've also almost-bought (I'm buying it Saturday) our first baby purchase: a (secondhand) BOB running stroller with carseat adapter.  So, I suppose, I'm feeling confident... confident enough that I'll have a running buddy this summer! It was a little freaky agreeing to purchase it, but at the same time... It came across a listserv I'm on and the price was amazing; I just couldnt help it... 

From a testing standpoint: AFP came back negative for open neural tube defects and my post-food sugar test came back completely normal, so I dont have to consider additional sugar testing (1 hour glucose challenge) until my 26 week appointment.  Woo Hoo!!  So far, so great from a medical standpoint!  Next OB appointment: 2/20 (18 week appointment)

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Fran said...

You are doing great my friend. I know this is a very difficult/emotional week, but all points to this pregnancy being just ... normal! I hear you on the tiredness, I think i'll go to bed at 9pm this evening! Much love, Fran