Monday, February 4, 2013

With Love, Aunt Sarah (year 5)

Each year, Aunt Sarah (my best friend and, to Bobby and Maya- and all the kiddos- the bestest auntie ever) writes a birthday letter to the kids.  She sweetly allows me to share her words and thoughts here, for Nicholas, Sophia, and Alexander's special days).  Previous letters can be found in the archives.

Dear Nicholas,

Five years!! How active you would be and how you would run me ragged chasing after you! I can never reconcile wanting you here with me while knowing that my blessed life with your siblings would not exist, so instead of trying to wrap my head around it, I just choose to be thankful that I am your Aunt. My hurt at you leaving us prematurely has changed to a dull ache. Because of that, I view things differently and try to live each day fully and not pass up on opportunities.

Last night at your birthday dinner, Uita said the Haytko family never ate pork chops with rice and beans until she was part of the family. Your special meal is very characteristic of your daddy's heritage and foods of his youth. It could be said that this year you decided to embrace your Irish heritage with your selection of green cake for dessert. Or maybe you just wanted me to stop complaining that there are no green foods in your meal. Either way, I smile about it, and I know you are smiling about it too. And that makes me happy.

Love you and miss you,
Aunt Sarah

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