Thursday, February 14, 2013


I'm 17w today.  It still feels strange to actually be walking around and doing things.  Crazy, isnt it?  I may go for a run later, if Peter is feeling better and up to being the parent on duty with the peanuts, especially since Maya is back to herself!

As of 3:45am this morning, Michael became gestationally older than his 2 oldest brothers.  It feels insane to write that, insane to know it's true, and it's a relief all at the same time.  It's hard to pass these milestones, but it is a gift, and I treasure each and every second.

My sciatica is starting to be a pain in the ass (literally, of course), and there is some definite pressure/pulling at times, but all in all, this is a breeze and, honestly, way easier than bedrest.  Being able to carry the kids around does more to hurt my back these days than anything else, and it is one of the biggest blessings.  My fear was always that another pregnancy would make me less of a mother to them in the physical sense; to be able to, for the most part, do things with them, is so wonderful.  I'm still crazy tired and I cant get up and down with the ease I used to, but this is considerably better than it was.

While the cravings have died down for the present (except for rellenos... which my MIL makes and I dont like- not because she doesnt do a great job, she does, but because I dont like them in general... she's making me a batch, which I will have to hide from Peter because he LOVES them...), I do have to have a late night (11pm-midnight) and early morning (3-4am) food run or else I feel like I might both throw up and hurt someone.  So, if you are looking for me while the rest of my house is asleep?  I'm in the kitchen... or the pantry...

But, hey... 17 weeks... and going strong.  In another week, we hit the big 18 week milestone, and then 19 weeks- halfway through this journey with Michael in the womb!


Hillary said...

Congrats on another awesome milestone!!

Happy Valentine's day!


Fran said...

Happy 17 weeks!!!

Queenie. . . said...

So happy to see you pass another milestone, as bittersweet as I know that must be for you. Thinking of you, and so happy for you!