Friday, February 8, 2013


First P17 shot of this pregnancy delivered smack in the behind this morning... 1 down, 19 to go.  With Bobby and Maya I got through (mostly) 3 bottles; I'm looking forward to using all 5 of the bottles (but not nearly half of the syringes... How many 3mm needles does a girl need- JEEZ!!!)

(On a funny note, our alcohol wipes are called BD Alcohol Wipes... How 5 year oldish is it of me to refer to them as "Boody" Alcohol Wipes.... Yeah, I know)

In all fairness, the shot didnt hurt nearly as much as they have in the past.  Maybe it's because the muscle-to-fat ratio is much less since I lost so much weight, maybe it was the pre-shot shower that loosened all my muscles up... I dont know.  It still burned like someone injecting fire into your butt, but the muscle pain, inability to walk, 'charlie-horse' sensation didn't happen (and we didnt use post-shot heat).  Ice to bum, shot, done.  I got up right afterwards, finished getting dressed, and promptly carried both kids from their bedroom to the living room.  And now? About an hour later?  All is well.  Still a slight tingling, burning feeling at the injection site, but no big deal.  What a difference!

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Fran said...

Long may it last! I have to say, i found them sorer as I went along, when you return to the same cheek is tough going! But maybe your shots are every week so you will have plenty of time to recover in between!