Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Because I'm updating in the morning, I'm sure something will go haywire, LOL!

Last night was our closest night to normal yet.  After I put the kids in bed and turned out the light, Bobby screamed and sobbed (this isn't normal), so instead of giving him 3-4 minutes, I just went back in right away, kissed him and told him I was there, and held his hand.  I manuevered to get my palm on top of his hand, and then, as he would move (breathing or moving to get more comfortable) slowly took my hand away.  Then I sat on the floor for a bit to see how that would work out.  15 minutes after the light went out, I was in my bedroom.  And I didnt have to go back.  Awesome!  15 minutes longer than Peter, but 15 minutes is WAY better than the 45min of night 2 or the god-only-knows-how-long of night 1.  He and Maya sang back and forth with each other, then chatted with their bears, then fell asleep.  Late early-morning (3:35ish) Bobby woke and I went in right away, changed him, snuggled him, and put him to bed.  10 minutes after rolling over, I was back in bed.  So, total? 25 minutes- slightly more than half of the going-to-bed routine of last night.  SWEET!  I'll take this one in the win column!

I drempt of Peter last night.  In the dream, Bobby called for me.  I looked at the clock, 3:45am, and got up, going to him, but he'd already gotten out of bed and was playing in the living room, in the dark.  As I explained that it was still night-night time, Maya joined us and said she had to potty, so she went to the bathroom and turned on the light.  Just then, in the playroom, a toy (which we dont own and have never owned) started playing on its own and I thought, "Oh, the older kids are here... That's strange, I thought they were with Peter on his trip..."  I stood in 0the door of the bathroom watching both kids, and then, I heard "Hello" and it was Peter.  He was in boxer shorts (explained because he had to walk through snow???) and a shirt, no shoes.  He had come home early because of the weather.  When I asked how he got home (because the local rail stops by midnight) he said that he'd called his Aunt J, who had been partying in the city (REALLY????) and she'd brought him, but they had to walk through the snow to keep their drinks.  (Okay....)  In the dream, I reached out to touch him, to make sure he was real, and could feel the scruff of his face.  On our way to bed, I looked at the kitchen clock and it read, 3:45am, the time the clock in our bedroom read when I 'woke' in the dream.

What is funny about this, other than the message that I really REALLY miss Peter, is the time.  3:45am was Alexander's birth time.  Both of us often find ourselves waking at that time.  But the bigger thing is that our bedroom clock is about 10 mintues ahead (the kids like to play with the buttons and until it tops 10min ahead, I dont bother changing it).  So, when I woke up last night, it read 3:45am.  But when I went back to bed (via the far bathroom for a pitstop, which requires me to walk through the kitchen), the kitchen clock (which is correct) read 3:45.  The dream was before I woke up, so it was just kind of funny.  And, first thing this morning, Maya had to GO to the bathroom, another not normal routine.

Today will probably be one of the more 'off' days I think.  Sarah has been coming over right after work, but tonight she has plans and wont be here til 7:15 (I start bedtime at 8), but bigger than that, it is Wednesday and the kids wont be seeing their grandparents today, a Wednesday staple for 2+years.  I've scheduled a Wednesday playgroup to try and ease the Wednesday transition away from Grandpa and Uita's until my MIL is recovered enough to see them, which will take us to late morning.  After lunch and nap, I have some things I can pick up from Target and, assuming the rain goes away, I thought we might go to the local dairy farm for ice cream and visiting the animals, which will take us up to 5:30 or so.  While the kids will wonder where Sarah is (since she's usually here by then), we'll just play and start our evening movie, and go from there.  I'm hoping that they will sail through not seeing Uita and Grandpa, which they've been begging for, in spite of both Peter and I explaining since the week before her surgery (which was the 18th) that they wouldnt be able to visit for a while.  We shall see!

But, all in all, feeling good about day 4.  And we are over the hump!  2 more nights away and Peter should be home Friday afternoon!!!!

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Joanna said...

Hoping the week continues to go well. Good luck!