Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Rapidly approaching 17w... seems insane.

On Saturday (16w2d), we tempted fate and bought our first 'big' purchase of this pregnancy: a second-hand BOB running stroller.  It's orange (love it!) and it came with the carseat adapter, so I'll be able to take this little guy out for a run in style this summer.  I always wanted a BOB with the twins, but couldnt afford it, especially when I was so new in running.  But on another positive, this stroller is taller, which makes it much nicer for Peter as well.

Still feeling some pain/stretching/belly aches from time to time... Trying to roll with it.  Trying not to worry.  I mean, really?  If the TAC cant hold this baby in place, then I'm out of options, so worrying about it wont help.  So, trying to stay zen and not worry...

It's strange, this land of pregnancy normal.  As I do laundry, play with the kids, and do my running around like a typical day, heck, as I put on maternity clothes and do this and that, I'm struck by how strange it is that I've never had this.  With 5 kids and 3 pregnancies between them, that I never saw after 16w3d on my feet and living the life of a normal pregnant woman.  It strikes me as insane because this feels so super early and yet insane because it feels like I've been pregnant forever. (I guess back to back to back pregnancies combined with back to back to back adoption attempts, even with time in between that and getting pregnant (almost a year?), will do that to you.

But so far, so good, I suppose...  I'll see Dr. B in a week+ a day, and then the next big appointment is the 20 week ultrasound.  Once that is over, I think I'll see the world in a way different light, since that is where the already-a-rough-pregnancy went downhill with Bobby and Maya, and I ended up in the hospital.  So, we'll see.  And we'll keep hoping for the best!

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Hal said...

I strongly urge against running with the bucket seat attached to the bob or even running with a newborn. Bob forbids running while the infant seat is in use as it makes the stroller top heavy! Ask me how I know this, lesson learned!
sorry to be the wet blanket, I love our bob!