Thursday, February 14, 2013

Worse Than We Thought

Poor Maya.... After keeping her out of school on Tuesday and having her lethargic and on me (although not coughing nearly as much) and her keeping her 102+ fever, I told myself that, if she were still feverish yesterday, I was calling the pediatrician.  Wednesday morning? 102.5.  So, Bobby went to visit his grandparents (much to Maya's dismay- the only thing she wanted to do was visit) and I called the doctor, who said to go ahead and bring her in. 

We love our doctor because they arent the overmedicating, come-in-and-be-seen-for-a-cold type practice.  They are 2 female pediatricians who tell it like it is and promote patient education.  Love them.  When we got there, we were seen right away, and a few minutes later, Dr. Dorothy (whom you may remember as the doctor who hounded the IU on our behalf and worked tirelessly to get Bobby the therapuetic help he needs), and the diagnosis was almost as quick: double ear infection and pneumonia.


Fun times...

So, she's on antibiotics as of yesterday, and thankfully has no fever.  And today?  Today, my monkey came back. :)  She's got her fiery Irish attitude back, has been eating and playing, and finally is only sleeping for her nap during the day (instead of the, I'd easily say 5-6 naps she was taking during her sick week).  She was disappointed she missed her preschool class's Valentine's Day party.  But, because Peter got sick too (great...), she was able to hang out with him at home while I visited Bobby's class for the party (and took in cupcakes). :)

I'm on the mend, Bobby is well (PLEASE STAY THAT WAY), Maya is getting better, and poor Peter has a nasty cold. :(  He stayed home from work.  Please pray to the gods of health and wellness that we get rid of the winter sick blues soon.  I am SO done with this!

A bit ago, the women who volunteer with my MIL at our old parish's Prayer Shawl Ministry decided to use their yarn ends to knit the smallest of hats, booties, and blankets, to donate to our hospital, for all the uber-preemies who are unable to survive outside the womb.  They made a variety of sizes, for those from around 15-16 weeks, up to the 22-23 weeks.  I've finally had the energy and emotional strength to put together the bereavement boxes and will be taking them on Wednesday.  So far, I have 18 boxes.  With Peter's input, the boxes have the blankets,etc, along with a small photo album and disposable camera, pen and paper to write down thoughts, and a note that includes resources as well as just the understanding that you are not alone.  The boxes are pink or blue, and I wish that there was more I could put in there that would be of comfort and help.  I treasure the boxes we have for Nicholas & Sophia and Alexander; I hope that this, made with so much love and in memory of those three special little saints, will help ease the ache of other parents too.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh no, I hope she feels better soon. ((HUGS))