Wednesday, February 27, 2013


In exactly 19 weeks, the plan is to be sitting at the hospital, prepping for Michael's delivery.  Wow... 19w pregnant tomorrow, and 19 short weeks away today.  Insanity.

I'm doing well.  Other than pressure/pulling when I roughhouse too much with the kids (which is normal from what I hear), I'm good!  A little tumtum pooch, rocking the maternity wear happily at this point, and my running clothes are a tad tighter than I'd like, but I refuse to buy larger cold weather gear when a) that stuff is expensive and b) spring is almost here.  Still doing anything and everything, and feeling well, like me, other than the crazy exhaustion that is still lingering.  Moving towards the hallway mark of this pregnancy and the first third of the second trimester is done.  It's flying by.

But, all in, doing really well!  My next appt is the big 20 week ultrasound with MFM on March 7th when I'll be 20w even!

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