Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What a Night!

Thank you for all the warm, Facebook thoughts regarding Maya (For those who aren't on FB, Maya has had a fever since Monday afternoon.  It hit 104 yesterday but by tonight was 101.8 and, hopefully, will keep coming down.  She has no "sick" symptoms, other than the fever and being extra snuggly.)

Tonight, I had my first "real" session with the physical trainer, Rob.  He's pretty good looking, I have to say; funny enough, I didnt notice this when I booked the appointment or had the fitness assessment.  Of course, tonight, I found it hard to make eye contact with him because my brain kept saying "cutie, cutie, cutie."  Of course, when I wake up in pain tomorrow, I probably wont have that issue in 2 weeks, when I see him again. For an hour, he worked me to exhaustion.  I impressed him with my ability to do "real" (man style) push-ups and being able to hold a plank (at the end of the workout) for a minute.

But man, did I pay for it in other ways.  My thighs are still burning...  And when I had to walk down the stairs of the gym, I thought I'd fall over!  The best part was that I couldnt even do one of the last exercises.  You lay on your back and hold the stability ball between your feet.  Your feet come up and meet your hands over your belly.  You take the ball and your feet stretch out as your arms (with the ball) go over your head.  Bring the ball and your legs back to your belly and switch off.  Stretch out again.  That's one.  I think I managed 3 before laughing so hard that I had to stop.  It hurt!  Like, really hurt!  This was the next to last exercise and I was wiped.  But, hey, 200 calories for a "slow" session isn't bad.  Slow?  Really?  I should be scared of the next session.  But he did what I asked and drafted a routine that I can do at home or at the gym.  So, I really have no excuse to not do it.

When I pulled in the driveway, I was surprised to see the lights on.  (The kids were sleeping when I left, so our house goes into darkness).  I open the door to the kitchen from the garage and there is smoke everywhere.   Peter tells me that, shortly after I left, the fire department arrived; a runner reported seeing smoke.  They checked the house and nothing.  Peter goes back to our bedroom and, shortly before I return, smells smoke.  He opens the door and the living room/kitchen are full of smoke.  Apparently (and we still dont know how) something happened to the pellet stove.  By the time I got home, he had the doors and windows in the kitchen and living room open, but it was bad.  Like I was scared there was a fire somewhere bad.  He had to use one of our clean agent fire extinguishers to put out the smoldering embers.

My first thought was of the kids, sleeping in their rooms.  Were they okay?  Were they dying of smoke inhalation as we spoke?  He got their ceiling fans on and we have been checking on them periodically, and they seem fine.  They didnt wake when the fire department rang the doorbell or when Peter turned the lights in the living room on.  Nor did they wake as we were cleaning out the pellet stove, which isnt the quietest activity.  My throat is still burning from the time in there, but the house is smoke free now and the kids are still peaceful (dont worry... I make Peter go in with a flashlight to check their breathing).  I'm still terrified of going to bed, even though the stove is turned off.  And, after we had cleaned up, I had a moment in the bedroom where the realization that I could have lost my entire family in the 90 minutes I was at the gym hit. I'm sure it will hit again and I'll have a breakdown.  For now, I'm just trying to figure out WTF happened.

We had the stove cleaned and serviced when we first moved in, and the guy told us it was great and that he'd use it 24 hours a day... that there were no issues using it at night as a primary heat source.  So, what gives???  We'll be calling for service tomorrow.  I dont know when we can have someone in here and it is the end of the season, but I want to know that thing is okay before I even think of using it ever again.

Oh, and I know this deserves its own post, but I'm tired... Guess who wore size 8 jeans today? :)
That's one "8"...  single digits...  If I wasnt reeling from the fact that my house was smoke filled an hour ago, I'd be dancing a little jig...


MrsSpock said...

An 8- whoo hoo!

Reba said...

that is sooo scary, michele! you might remember, we had a fire in our house a couple years ago right after naomi was born. it was terrifying!!! i still sometimes feel like i smell stale smoke somewhere (and this is after the whole house was cleaned and repainted, and the kitchen-where the fire was-had to be gutted down to the beams). and i haven't so much as used a candle since then. even that tiny amount of smoke triggers scary memories. (ours was a grease fire, but luckily we're not scared to cook anymore.) so i know how you is so scary. hugs!

Cyndi said...

Wow! Crazy! Glad your all safe!

Size 8! Way to go!

A simple being said... so happy and praising that you and your family are okay. watch out for the smoke though we had a similar situation before chldren and we really had to do a whole house cleaning...take care oh yeah congrats on the 8!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic about the training session, but oh how scary about the smoke! Much as I love woodstoves, campfires, candles, lanterns, oil lamps, etc. I've got a 'thing' about house fires (like who doesn't?) So scary, and SO glad everyone's ok.

(Double awesome on the size 8 jeans!)

Hillary said...

Yeah! Go Size 8!

And how scary to have had a fire in your house. I'm glad everything and everyone are safe!

Terri Jones said...

Scary! So glad everyone is safe. And a big WOOP WOOP on the size 8's!

kcoleman said...

Congrats on your size 8 jeans!!!!
that is a little scary about the house. how strange.

Barb said...

That's scary! 8 is AWESOME! And if the trainer (cutie that he is) ever acts like it's crazy that you can't do something, tell him to birth a few children and then try it! haha. I know that's no excuse, but it was a lot easier for me to get "back" into shape if I'd fallen off the wagon BEFORE I had E. The tummy muscles just aint what they used to be now.