Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rantings and Ravings (But In a Good Way!)

I'm tired and I have one more basket of laundry to fold, so I'll keep this (relatively) brief.

  • My "short" runs have transitioned from about 3.5 miles to 4.5 miles.  I did the first new short run today.  I've opted to keep my pace at 5.3-5.5mph right now (I'll max around 6mph, I think), which had me around 50 minutes.  I walked a .3 cooldown, so I finished up in 55 minutes and a nice sweat.  It was good.  But it wasnt hard.  (Dont get me wrong, it was tough and I was glad it was over!)  It's nice to feel like I'm not going to kill myself with upping my distance.  My long runs for this month will be 6-6.5 miles.  Fun times.  Takes me about 70 minutes or so.  But, there is a sauna afterwards, so it is all worth it.
  • I actually did the entire circuit of my physical trainer's routine!  All three sets!! Last week, I did one set of all the moves, just to get used to them.  I've set MWF as my strength training days (since I'll see Rob on Mondays or Wednesdays, I figure that works best).  So, last night, all three reps.  In under and hour!  (Not much under, but still.)  And I felt it afterwards.  But that's okay!  It may be the only way to get rid of the c-section F.U.P.A. (which, let's face it, was there before the section but I'm blaming the c/s anyway!)  And hearing Peter comment on my "sexy arms" (two words that should probably still not be put together) is pretty nice too.  And did I mention the size 8 jeans already?  Yeah?  Wearing them again and those are worth it.  Bring it on, Rob- I can take it!!!  
  • If you havent seen my facebook post from my time at the gym, I'll relive it here for you, because it summed up my afternoon: To the woman at the gym: you and I both have towels on our heads and yet there is something remarkably different about us... Oh, yes: I HAVE MY CLOTHES ON!!! Come on, people- be naked with a purpose! (and you, yes, the naked woman from the sauna: that towel- it needs to be around your body, not your shoulders. I'm all for nudity, but COME ON!
  • My ex answered my friend request on facebook.  I got to see a lovely picture of he and his daughter, who seems to be about the same age as Bobby and Maya.  Funny enough, I finally feel forgiven from our past and it's lovely...  I wonder if he'll ever realize that.  Or if it even matters anymore.
  • I'm making a lot of headway in my coursework for my BAI certification as a labor doula and CBE- woo hoo for me!!!
  • I've been asked to write an article on conception and pregnancy after loss for the Empowered Birth newsletter!!!  
  • I just booked tickets for Sarah and I's flight to Nashville for the half-marathon we are running together in September!!!  So psyched!
  • There was something else, but I've forgotten and I'm too tired to try and remember!
Have a good-night (unless you are in a part of the world where your day is just beginning!)


Deni said...

Are you running the Country Music 1/2? I did that one and it's sooo fun! I LOVE Nashville and I'm so excited for you! There is nothing like crossing that finish line--I can't wait to read your post afterwards!!! I'm giddy thinking about it for you, I'm living vicariously through you right now since I'm not running (for the best reason ever, no complaints!)! Soooo exciting!

sunflowerchilde said...

You're really an inspiration to me, I know I've said that before. But awesome job! At my best, my short runs were around 4 miles and my long runs were 6 miles, and I did an Olympic-distance triathlon. So good job!

Just out of curiosity, and I think maybe you've mentioned this before, but ... how in the world do you find time to work out?

St Elsewhere said...

Yeah, I remember that FB update on naked ladies on the dance floor (i.e. the gym)...

I am glad you are training so well, and I hope you have fun with the half-marathon later this year.

I am glad things are patched up and mended with your ex.

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

Nobody wants to see naked sweaty people. :)