Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Optimist

Not normally would I call myself overly optimistic... But I'm making the exception this afternoon.  I've blogged in the past about our recent sleep issues and how we were doing sleep training (I'm too lazy to backlink... sorry).  Well, the sleep training got us down to one intervention a night with Bobby and usually one intervention (or none- yay!) with Maya.  But, inevitably, that one intervention included some milk and a tired parent who usually crashed in said child's bed.  Fun times.  Except, for this parent, I love our Sleep Number bed and dont particularly care for the standard twin beds the kids have.  They hurt my back :(  So, I was fairly unhappy when waking, and Peter didnt love it either, not to mention if one (or more) parents is gone from the marital bed, that means the other (or no one!) is sleeping alone in that bed.  Sad times.

Yesterday, Uita & Grandpa (my in-laws) watched the kids so I could do my weekly housekeeping and then she made dinner (delicious, by the way!).  Afterwards, we bathed the kids there and got them in PJs before heading home.  Since they were awake and I needed to go to our local Whole Foods to pick up the case of oat milk that I had ordered, we chanced fate and went.  They were fine and still up when we got home.  But home brought with it a modified bedtime ritual of milk and snuggles and, finally (after only one snafu) sleep.  Good times.  When Peter and I cuddled around 10pm in our bed, we actually joked about how long we could snuggle.  We woke to baby chatter (the kids talk to each other from their rooms- it's quite cute, albeit loud)... at 6:40 this morning.  The best part- they stayed chatting (with each other, their bears, their siblings- who knows!) until just shy of 7am.  It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

So, in my optimism of putting them down for their nap at 11:40, I am crossing my fingers that no one gets up until 1:40.   And, while they are napping, I think I'll get back to my schoolwork!

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Hillary said...

I hope that this sleeping trend continues for you!!