Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Day, Another Story

It's going to be all over the place, folks... But, really, ask anyone, and that's part of my Gemini personality!

Yesterday, the kids decided to toss their schedule up a bit.  They opted to have lunch pre-nap at 11:20, then Maya was out at 11:45 and Bobby five minutes later.  They slept until 2pm! Snacks and playing and homeschooling and... did I mention Maya felt warm?  Like feverish?  And that it got progressively worse as the afternoon wore on?  By the time Peter got home, she was mush, just laying wherever she was held and not interested in much (although when I called for dinner, she did get off Peter and walk to her chair at the table).  We had dinner and then Peter gave them their bath, and you could tell she was done.  This kid LOVES to brush her teeth.  (They get a bath, I dry them and massage them and PJ them, then Peter brushes teeth and hair, and then we snuggle and do night-nights.)  By the time I had her in PJs (she cried the entire time, poor thing), she refused to let me go and shook her head when Peter offered her her toothbrush.  So, last night, she had a dirty mouth :( .  We snuggled and she was out (albeit fitfully) in a few minutes.  I held her just a little longer than normal because she was so hot and unhappy.  We're big believers that, unless your temp is approaching danger levels, you dont give tylenol; fever is the body's way of working.  Well, she got a dose of tylenol at around 10:30... and it didnt do much.  Although Peter slept with her the majority of the night because she decided around midnight that she was done with Mommy and wanted Daddy instead, she slept solid until 7:30 this morning when Bobby woke her to play.  And, amazingly, she played!  She's still a little warm but it is better than it was post nap, so I'm taking this as Miss Maya was trying to fight something off...


My PT appointment ended up being a preliminary fitness assessment, which was what I should have been scheduled for in the first place (apparently the girl who I made my appt with was a little unsure).  I liked Rob; he was younger than I thought by looking at his picture.  But I was honest with him  and just told him where I am and what I'm looking for (Thanks Sprogblogger for the helpful advice).  In the beginning, he said that I need to commit to 1 hour, 2-3 times a week and that, while he'll give me pieces I can break up, the days I do strength training will need that 1 hour commitment.  Bummer :(  But, I have to start somewhere!  I will see him on Wednesday night for my first real PT session and then we'll decide on a schedule.  So, I'll let you know.  (Oh and I almost forgot!  My body fat was 23%  Basically, the machine said that 140lbs of my 181lbs is muscle/bone and only 41lbs is fat!  He said that he'd like to see me around 21%.  I was surprised that it was only 23%!)


I love smoothies, especially strawberry ones... with hemp added...  Delicious.   We have a raw restaurant within walking distance.  The owner is a bit out there but the food... Oh, the food...  I love their strawberry hemp smoothie.  But I dont love it enough to shell out $5 for 16 ounces every day.  So, I make my own!  At only a fraction of the price!   Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Ummmm! Strawberry smoothie. We have been fighting off a fever for five days now. I think its finally digressing....

Terri Jones said...

I hope they feel better soon. Ask the ped when it's okay to give ibuprofen. I cant remeber the age but I found that it works so much better than tylenol on my kids. It brings the fever down faster.